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How to Pick the Best Machine for Check Signing and Laser Check Printing

By Bethany Taylor May 29, 2020 0 comments

How to Pick the Best Machine for Check Signing and Laser Check Printing

Accounting departments are faced with emerging challenges every year. First, there is the challenge of fraud and, next, difficulties in completing simple tasks such as check signing and laser check printing. Fortunately, all this can be significantly simplified by Wycom Check Signing and Laser Check Printing Systems.

Top Check Signing and Printing system Options for your Business

Besides security and control, you need to factor in the following before investing in a check signing or a laser check printing solution:
  • How many checks are sent out?
  • How many accounts do you have?
  • How many people process checks, and from how many PCs?
  • How many check signers are on the checks, and how frequent do they change?
  • How many bank accounts are utilized?
  • What level of security does your company require?
To answer the questions better, we'll look into the available check signing and laser printing solutions available to your company. We'll consider the number of checks as well as the other questions we've highlighted above.

When You Are Processing 100 Checks Per Run

We have two software options plus one mechanical solution for you intend to have your business running 100 checks at a time.

Software #1: The EzSigner Check Signing Software

Best Check Signing Software

The EzSigner is an affordable solution utilized as a single or two-pass system. Two-pass processing is when checks are printed with the standard check data, then returned on the printer and run through a subsequent time for signatures. Two-pass processing adds effectiveness and security because one person will handle processing and printing authority while another one must approve and process the signature. A single-pass system checks data and signatures simultaneously during printing. This check signing software is password-protected and includes a secured audit trail reporting log maintaining track of all the user’s login, including the time, day, printer used, and calculation of all checks issued during the specific sessions. You can pick from a variety of different and distinct security signature backgrounds.

Software #2: The Wysign USB Check Signer.

Best USB Check Signer.Best USB Check Signer.
The Wysign utilizes signature layered security to secure the signature on a USB Drive instead of populating software on a computer. Extra signature backgrounds are provided for more fraud protection. Admin level control authorized user limitations for basic tasks like check signing and laser printing, overlay creation, or report printing. Place the US Drive into a computer and keep it when not in use. It ensures the signature program is compatible with any machine when necessary, with just the admin login to the program.

Mechanical Check Signer: Widmer S-3-C

Best Mechanical Check Signer Best Mechanical Check Signer
The Widmer S-3-C is a single sheet mechanical check signer. This Check Signer is a straightforward solution for simple, secure check signing. A secure double key lock system controls the operation and signature plate access. The Widmer S-3 offers automatic check signs by placing your check in the machine! These types of check signers will easily handle 100 checks per run.

When You are Processing More than 100 checks Per Run

When dealing with more than 100 checks per run, you should be on the look for:
  • Efficiency
  • Automation
  • Security
The most efficient check signing and laser check printing solution is the Wycom enterprise check signer. The Wycom is controlled with a password plus an audit counter and a signature limit control for added safety. Plus, there is the relevant audit trail.

Wycom Check Signing and Laser Check Printing Solutions

Waycom check signers are compatible with laser printers and dot matrix, and can be used with any hardware or software. Their signatures are safely stored in encryption protected chip inside the unit. This product has no preloaded accounting software, so it can efficiently work with any application for check signing and laser check printing. That means there is an added layer of security with the Wycom check signing and laser printing. You can print to all dot matrix or pre-printed laser checks or pick the MCR check choice that means you can write to reinforced and secure blank check stock. Again, add more security when virtual check forms are tightly secured under lock and key. With such impressive security features, it's no surprise that the Wycom check signing and laser printing solution is the most popular with banks, credit unions, and escrow companies.

Bottom Line: Which is the Best Check Signer?

The choice of your check signing solution will be determined by the number of checks you wish to print per run. Businesses that only check sign 100 checks per run can go for the two software options: Wysign or Ezsigner. Alternatively, they can settle for a mechanical solution in the Widmer S-3-C. However, an enterprise that processes more than 100 checks should pick the Wycom-check signing and laser printing solution. Wycom’s software and hardware security and portability features make it an exciting choice for most banks and Escrow companies.

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