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How to Choose the Right Check Signing Machine and Software?

Having customers, employees, and vendors to pay is part of each company’s daily tasks; however, many businesses must struggle with finding time and payroll to complete this simple duty. Another challenge that every business must face when it comes to the payment industry is fraud. Unfortunately, having payments automated does open a more significant possibility that funds are not as safe and secure as they are with manual handling. With intelligent designs and advanced technologies, there are reliable and automated solutions that can help you and your company be more efficient. Below are some facts to help you decide on the best check signer for your business.

Questions to Consider for Your Check Signing Solutions

When you are looking to add a check signer to your office equipment and task management, you will want to consider security, control, and automation. When thinking about these benefits, it is not hard to see why an electronic check signer is right for every business; however, you will want to think about these other critical questions before selecting which check signer is perfect for your company.

How many checks are sent out by your company?

Knowing the volume of checks that need processing by your business each day, week, month, or year can help you to select an appropriate model for your company’s payment solutions. Many of the different check signers can sign 200 checks or more per minute.

How many accounts are processed by your business?

Many companies have multiple accounts. Some of those accounts, for example, are AP or payroll. Another example is when a business owns other subsidiary corporations and runs all their accounts as well. Consider a check signing software that will cater to the number of accounts you have.

How many authorized personnel will you be allowing to process checks for you, and from how many different devices will you be permitting access?

Every company has different levels of security involved, which means that each business may have a different amount of people needed for issuing checks. One of the things you will need to know is how many people will be issuing the checks and how many different devices will be used for those accessing the check signer.

When writing checks, how many people must sign them, and how often do those names fluctuate?

If the checks you are releasing require multiple authorization signatures, there are automated check signers that have multiple signature plates as well as the ability to remotely access and approve the use of any of the various signatures you have selected. This means that what used to take multiple employees a set number of hours to do accomplish can be completed with the press of a button and only a few minutes.Your check signer could allow check and payment approval from anywhere in the world. It is easy to see how you can save time and money with an electronic check signer.

Will you be utilizing multiple bank accounts for one company? If yes, how many?

When selecting which product is right for you, you will want to consider how many different bank accounts will need to be connected. Many businesses have their primary accounts separated for funding, financial, and legal reasons, and it may be easiest to get a check signing device that can handle more than one bank account, or even more than one financial institution altogether.

How much security will be required with your company’s internal policies?

Knowing what security protocols your business or company has in place regarding payments is crucial to deciding which check signer is right for you. The units that are on the market now vary in security. Most devices have electronic password protection with their check signing software or cloud-based systems. Some have physical keys or passcodes for the hardware itself. A variety of these check signing machines can print a security watermark on the surface of the check adding another layer of authenticity. By knowing what kind of security measures, you want, you will be able to narrow down the search for the correct payment solution for your company.

Final Considerations

It is important to remember that many check signers turn document signing into an easy automated process. This means that one of these devices can help you to automate even more tasks in your office. Another consideration you should have is from where you should buy your equipment. Here at PBS Office, it is our mission to help all our customers get the right products to assist them with their company’s efficiency. You can contact one of our specialized customer service representatives to discuss with us what needs you have for your business’s payment solutions. Our team member will be able to suggest many different models and advise you of each of the prominent features on those check signing devices. Please feel free to browse the different payment solution options we have available on our website. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of those items, please contact us today!