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Progressive Business Systems, Inc. has provided quality check signing and MICR laser check printing solutions for over 30 years! We pride ourselves on our ability to provide your company a quality solution, not just a product. 

We also realize that the number of check signing solutions can be mind-boggling! Let us help you find a lasting solution, not just a "check signer" --- we are just a call away at 800-359-0364 or email us at

Also, remember to ask about our "trade up" program if you are using an older mechanical check signer!

Also please visit our Check Resource Center for additional information on check signing and\or MICR Laser Check Printing 

Progressive Business Systems will evaluate your exact needs and MANY times even provide a 14 day trial of our check signers so that you can evaluate them in a "live" environment! 

We look forward to serving you and your company soon!

Wycom WySign Check Signer

$756.00 $895.00
SAVE $139.00

Wycom WyPayments Check Signer

$1,355.00 $1,595.00
SAVE $240.00

Wycom Enterprise Check Signer

$2,750.00 $2,895.00
SAVE $145.00

eZ Signer Direct Laser Check Signer

$1,075.00 $1,085.00
SAVE $10.00

Hedman DI100 Check Signer

$5,495.00 $6,495.00
SAVE $1,000.00