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Progressive Business Systems, Inc. has provided superior paper trimmer and paper cutter solutions to our customers since 1989.

From small studio applications to large commercial card stock applications we have a paper cutting solution. Our Kutrimmer line of paper cutters are commercial grade paper trimmers built to last! Should you need more POWER and require a heavy duty paper cutter, look no further!  Our Triumph Paper Cutters can handle any paper cutting application with ease.

Our professional staff will be happy to discuss your exact application at your convenience. We will even cut your samples based on your exact application and return them to you for you to examine the precision cuts for yourself!

Call us at 800-359-0364 or email us as and we will promptly respond to your inquiry! We would gladly welcome the opportunity to earn your business!

Kutrimmer 1134 13¾ Paper Trimmer

$245.00 $299.00
SAVE $54.00

Kutrimmer 1038 14 3/4 inch Paper Trimmer

$475.00 $729.00
SAVE $254.00

Kutrimmer 1046 18 inch Paper Trimmer

$395.00 $559.00
SAVE $164.00

Kutrimmer 1058 22 1/2 inch Paper Trimmer

$725.00 $929.00
SAVE $204.00

Kutrimmer 1080 31 1/4 inch Floor Model Paper Trimmer

$2,051.10 $2,279.00
SAVE $227.90