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Card Board Perforators

The Greenwave Cardboard Perforators will help you transition away from single-use plastic and foam packing materials.

The Greenwave solutions use heavy-duty solid steel blades to transform corrugated shipping cartons into high-quality eco-friendly perforated packing materials. This compact unit fits on a tabletop or shipping work bench, making it ideal for small shipping departments.

Operation is easy: choose the finished size of the packing materials, adjust the cutting guide, press start, and insert cardboard. Our Greenwave models will perforate the cardboard and trims the excess simultaneously. The result is flexible, shock-absorbing netting which is easy to wrap around objects to provide protective cushioning during shipment or to use as void fill.

Greenwave 410 Cardboard Perforator

$2,543.00 $2,825.00
SAVE $282.00

Greenwave 430 Cardboard Perforator

$4,946.00 $5,495.00
SAVE $549.00