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Increase Efficiency and Security with a Check Signer

By Cliff Haggan March 15, 2019 0 comments

Progressive Business Systems Inc. is a global leader in checking signing solutions. Since 1988, we have offered top of the line check signers for businesses around the world. Wycom systems provide companies a way to meet all their check signing needs. We are proud to showcase a wide array of products and solutions, from Wycom check signers all the way to cash counters. In fact, our Check Resource Center is truly the place to be for all check signing services and inquiries that your business could need. Our team is highly-dedicated, knowledgeable and completely committed to the success of your company. From product questions to concerns, we are always here for you.

Wycom Check Signer Essentials

There are many things to keep in mind you when choosing a check signing solution. One will be time savings and the second will be ensuring a secure automated check signing solution. Remember, the main reason you need electronic check signers is to increase efficiency and security across the board. Your checks can literally be signed within seconds. However, you will want to choose the best solution based on your needs not just the features of available check signers. The first question to ask is do you want to sign the checks AFTER they have been printed by your accounting software? If so you will want to consider an “Offline” check signing solution. These solutions allow you to have the checks printed first and then signed separately, creating a division of authority in the printing and signing process. The second scenario would be if you want the checks to be signed as they are printed. This can create a more efficient check signing process. Not only do check signers save time, they also help expedite all your check signing needs for your staff. We are proud to present our Wycom Check Signers, which continue to receive great industry and customer reviews. Our solutions are not only user-friendly, they can easily integrate with your existing printer systems.

The Best Wycom Printers and Signers

At PBS Office, we want to make sure you get the best Wycom check signing solutions for your business For decades, our Wycom systems have helped businesses in nearly every industry by providing timely and cost-effective check signing solutions. If you are purchasing a Wycom check signer or printer, the following is very important:
  • Quantity of ChecksThe number of checks you will be signing on a daily basis can determine which type of unit you need. The type of security you need is important as well, which is why our machines are equipped with secure log-in’s and authorized passwords. These are required to gain access to the check signing authority. In addition, our secure audit log will detail all access to your Wycom Check Signer.
  • Signatures per CheckNumber of signatures required on each check. Some Wycom solutions can even provide logical signing that can restrict the signing of a check if it exceeds a dollar amount that you determine. The check will not sign so that it requires a manual signature. This helps to secure large dollar check disbursements.
  • For more information, simply visit our website today or contact us for any product or service questions. You can also review our products online and see how they help improve daily business functions and protocols.