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Our Coin Sorter\Counters do it all!  From coin sorting to counting to packaging we offer quality solutions to meet your exact needs.  We offer a consultative sales approach that allows us to discuss your needs and match that need with the proper solution.  We have been in business since 1988 so we are very familiar with both yesterdays technology as well as today's!  

Please don't make the mistake that many have of buying a "coin counter" product off the internet that makes big promises but falls way short on delivery!   No matter if you buy from us or someone else we are here to help you in your search!  Allow us to help you find a true coin processing solution for your application and not just a "product"  that may or may not properly address your needs!

Please contact us directly with any questions that you may have!  800-359-0364 or



Semacon S-530 Coin Sorter

$1,597.00 $1,795.00
SAVE $198.00

Semacon S-530P Coin Sorter with thermal printer

$1,895.00 $2,190.00
SAVE $295.00

Magner Pelican 305S+ Coin Sorter

$4,795.00 $5,040.00
SAVE $245.00

Magner Pelican 305S+P Coin Sorter

$5,495.00 $5,945.00
SAVE $450.00