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Progressive Business Systems, Inc. has secure time\number recording products for each of your individual time\number recording applications. Both our Widmer and Rapidprint Time Stamps offer you a secure and reliable method of recording the time of receipt as well as numbering each document with a consecutive number.  

Whenever you need a printed record of time and date and document number , recording products can do the job! Simply insert the form, document, or letter for an instantaneous time-date-number imprint. Each unit has a secure lock to prevent unauthorized time changes. Our automatic numbering machines can record an incrementing number on each document for enhanced security. 

Please contact our sales staff at 800-359-0364 to discuss your specific time recording application. 

In addition, we also offer service and repair of all makes and models of time stamps, date stamps and numbering machines! Please give us a call for any of your service and supply needs! We also provide custom die plates for all makes and models!!! 

Time Stamp Applications * Mail Room -- verify receipt of incoming mail * Banks -- stamp deposit slips to verify deposits also -- stamp vault-entry documents * Restaurants -- stamp guest checks to measure meal preparation and/or serving time * Procurement Offices -- stamp incoming bid documents to verify pre-deadline receipt * Hospitals -- stamp lab documents to verify completed test procedures * Tax Office -- stamp customer receipts to verify paid tax * Stock Broker -- fulfill legal requirements to record time and date on buy/sell documents

Rapidprint C724-E Numbering Machine

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