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Progressive Business Systems, Inc. provides a complete selection of top-quality paper shredder bags and premium shredder lubricants. All of our shredder bags and lubricants are matched to your exact shredder model.

Shredder lubricant is a must-have supply.  Proper lubrication will greatly enhance the life expectancy of your paper shredders.  Our special lubricant can be used on any make or model paper shredder! If you need to place an order for multiple cases of our shredder bags, please call us for special pricing!  We will provide discount pricing and for shredder bag and shredder oil orders of 5 or more cases. 

Have a paper shredder and don’t see your bag listed? Please contact us today for a price on all of your shredder bag needs. We carry shredder bags for all shredder manufacturers!

Please contact us directly with any questions that you may have!  800-359-0364 or


KOBRA SB30 Shredder Bags 50 per box

$45.00 $55.00
SAVE $10.00

KOBRA SB35 Shredder Bags 50 per box

$49.00 $58.00
SAVE $9.00

KOBRA CB-93 Cyclone Shredder Bags 50 per box

$149.00 $245.00
SAVE $96.00

Cyclone CF-13 Cyclone Air Filters

$129.00 $175.00
SAVE $46.00

Cyclone CS-#3 Screen

$397.00 $495.00
SAVE $98.00

Cyclone CS-#4 Screen

$397.00 $495.00
SAVE $98.00

Cyclone CS-#5 Screen

$395.00 $569.00
SAVE $174.00

Cyclone CS-#2 Screen

$397.00 $495.00
SAVE $98.00