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A Guide on Electric Coin Sorters & Counters

By Bethany Taylor August 17, 2020 0 comments

coin counter and sorter machine

An electric Coin sorter

Counting coins can be slow, tiring work. Thankfully, coin sorters can assist in automating the process. Anytime you’re dealing with large amounts of coins, you’re going to want to get a counter involved. Depending on your business or individual needs, it just doesn’t make sense to count any significant amount of coins physically.

Selecting the Right Electric Coin Sorter

When choosing an electric coin sorter, you’re going to want to consider the way you intend to use the device. For instance, do you need battery power? Battery-powered counters tend to be compact and more portable, making them essential for people who have to do coin-counting on transit. However, being battery powered means, the device isn’t well equipped to take on lots of currency every day. It’s essential to know precisely how you intend to use your coin sorter, allowing you to select sorters with the features you require.

Coin Capacity

How many coins are you going to be counting at a time? If you’re a small business enterprise that only counts coins at the closing of the business day, you probably don’t require a machine that can accommodate 3,000 coins at once. But even for smaller coin loads, if you want to avoid spending much time babysitting your coin sorter, then you’ll require a machine that can hold at least a few hundred coins simultaneously.

Counting Speed

Sorted coins

Count and Stuck up coins quickly with a coin sorter.

Room for more throughput is something you’ll find on bigger electric powered devices. If you’re dealing with a large throughput of coins, then a bigger machine will help ensure you’ve got the room never to have your workload accumulate under a slow machine. But you don’t have to be in a rush for speed to be a reasonable concern. Nobody needs to sit around watching a machine count coins as slowly. Speed can be especially valuable if you want to count your coins twice for error detection. Tellermate coin and currency solutions have fast and efficient machines.

Durability and Features

Two more things to think about how long-lasting your machine is and where your coins will end up being sorted. Mechanical evaluation equipment with moving parts will mostly be prone to breaking down. You don’t require a machine that’s going to fail after one year of repeated use. Even worse, you don’t want a machine that is going to break and give you no warning that something has gone wrong in the counting process.

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