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Progressive Business Systems, Inc. offers state of the art Maverick Electronic MICR Check Encoders for all of your check encoding applications. We will program your encoder to your exact specifications so it is ready to roll the day it arrives.

We offer encoding solutions from simple exception item encoding, such as counter checks and deposit tickets, up to multiple pocket batch proof encoding. Our Maverick Check Encoding products are used in banks, credit unions, utility companies, grocery stores and many other applications. We offer check encoding solutions tailored to each customer’s individual application.  We also offer a wide range of check encoding supplies for our clients.

Progressive Business Systems, Inc. has been in business since 1989 serving our customer's specific check encoding needs. Our goal is to match your check encoding application to a productive solution! Please call us today 800-359-0364 to see how we can bring your search for check encoding products to a quick conclusion! We look forward to serving you!

>Please contact us directly with any questions that you may have!  800-359-0364 or sales@pbsoffice.com


Maverick MX-3 Check Encoder

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