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Progressive Business Systems, Inc. has provided currency and count counting solutions to our many customers since 1988. We have provided currency counting solutions to both financial institutions and other markets that wish to eliminate the tedious task of manually handling currency and coins.

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Currency Counters

A currency- counter is a machine that counts money, either a loose collection of coins or stacks of banknotes. They can be electrical or mechanical. They give the total of the notes run through and even check for destroyed and counterfeit currencies.

Coin Counters 

A coin counter may refer to a device that counts and at the same time sorts coins, but it could also refer to a machine that only counts coins of the same size that have been presorted.

A typical counter has an opening on the edge of the bowl that is wide enough to only allow a coin at a time to pass through. This machine uses a bowl with a flat spinning disc at the bottom to distribute the coins around the perimeter of the bowl.

Coins pass through a spring-loaded cam or a light beam counter that only accepts one coin at a go. A good machine counts up to 300 coins per minute.

Coin Sorters

A coin sorter is a machine that sorts out random denominations of coins into separate tubes or bins. These machines are usually specific to a country's currency due to different countries having similar sized coins of different denominations.

These sorters have a display screen that shows the value and number of the coins passing through the machine.

Counterfeit Detectors

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UV scanners are the most commonly used to detect counterfeit currencies. Except for the

$1, all other notes have a UV stripe embedded in the banknote.

It is visible with a backlight but when a UV light is held over it, it becomes illuminated and can easily be identified as a genuine note. If there is no stripe seen against a UV light, then it is a counterfeit.

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Our knowledgeable sales staff value the opportunity to discuss your exact needs at your convenience.Increase your staff's productivity by introducing one of our advanced cash handling solutions.

From currency counting, sorting to coin sorting and packaging we can meet both your needs and your budget!Our goal is to provide you a comprehensive solution to all of your cash handling solution needs! Please contact us directly with any questions that you may have! 800-359-0364 or

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Coin counters

Coin sorters

Semacon S-2200 Bank Grade Currency Discriminator

$1,695.00 $1,995.00
SAVE $300.00

Tellermate TIx 1000 Coin and Currency Scale

$495.00 $600.00
SAVE $105.00

Tellermate TIx 2000 Coin and Currency Scale

$550.00 $640.00
SAVE $90.00

Tellermate TIx 3000 Coin and Currency Scale

$595.00 $775.00
SAVE $180.00

Tellermate TIx R3500 Coin and Currency Scale

$615.00 $900.00
SAVE $285.00

Semacon S1100 Currency Counter

$385.00 $495.00
SAVE $110.00

Semacon S1115 Currency Counter

$415.00 $595.00
SAVE $180.00

Semacon S1125 Currency Counter

$465.00 $745.00
SAVE $280.00

Semacon S1200 Currency Counter

$475.00 $695.00
SAVE $220.00

Semacon S1215 Currency Counter

$539.00 $795.00
SAVE $256.00

Semacon S1225 Currency Counter

$665.00 $952.00
SAVE $287.00

Semacon S1600 Currency Counter

$775.00 $975.00
SAVE $200.00

Semacon S1615 Currency Counter

$895.00 $1,095.00
SAVE $200.00

Semacon S1625 Currency Counter

$1,095.00 $1,325.00
SAVE $230.00

Semacon S1625V Currency Counter

$1,175.00 $1,425.00
SAVE $250.00

Magner 935 Coin Counter\Packager

$735.00 $865.00
SAVE $130.00

Semacon S-530P Coin Sorter with thermal printer

$1,895.00 $2,190.00
SAVE $295.00

Semacon CM-75 Coin Crimper

$595.00 $659.00
SAVE $64.00

Klopp KCS-12 Coin Scale

$350.00 $400.00
SAVE $50.00

Klopp KCS-60 Coin Scale

$350.00 $400.00
SAVE $50.00

Magner Pelican 305S+ Coin Sorter

$3,125.00 $3,355.00
SAVE $230.00

Magner Pelican 305S+P Coin Sorter

$3,595.00 $3,920.00
SAVE $325.00

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