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Laser Printer Check Solutions

Our Wycom WyPayments Laser MICR Check Printing System and the Acuprint SecureCheck 9 will allow you to laser print and sign your entire check, including check outlines, logos, MICR bank numbers, and even signatures using blank security check stock. 

Our WyPayments software will interface with your current accounting software and an HP compatible laser printer that uses MICR toner. You have complete control over the disbursement of your checks!

Acuprint SecureCheck 9- (Standard) Laser Check Printing System

laser check advantages

Our Standard version includes all of the Basic version features plus event notification which can keep your key personnel up to date on all check processing. SecureCheck is a highly flexible and compatible check printing solution that will work with virtually any accounting application to merge your accounting data with check layouts to create complete checks on blank stock. 

Efficient Check & Form Printing SecureCheck 9 offers a host of features that will automate and add efficiency to your check and form production:

  • Create and easily modify form-graphic overlays for any number of checking accounts.
  • Automate check signing; define how many signatures (0,1,2) are printed on each check based on the check amount. • Sort checks before production based on check number, payee, date, amount, filename, overlay, or batch number.
  • Automatically create and store a copy of each check-in .pdf format; eliminate the need to print and file paper copies.
  • Create all your internal forms with SecureCheck; eliminate the need to purchase and securely store pre-printed forms. Strong Check Fraud Protection In addition to enhancing the efficiency of your payables process, SecureCheck 8 is also designed to prevent fraud at every stage of check issuance.
  • Notify check approvers before checks are printed; approvers log in to approve/deny checks from an approval queue. (Premium only)
  • Keep specified recipients informed of important check printing activities via email notifications. (Standard and Premium)
  • Improve internal controls with SecureCheck’s detailed audit and event reporting. • Prevent check alteration and duplication attempts with printed-check security features (security watermarks and fonts).
  • Secure access to SecureCheck with multi-level user permissions.

Wycom WyPayments Laser MICR Check Printing System

  • Eliminate pre-printed check stock forever!
  • Print your checks onto blank security check stock using your current accounting software and     printers! No software changes are required!
  • One step MICR laser check printing and signing
  • Enhanced graphic amount line and signature security features  
    laser check printers solutions
  • Suppress signatures to control automatic signing of large amount checks
  • Increased security and control over your MICR laser check printing
  • Ensures proper check number reconciliation
  • Payment approval workflow allows for payment approval before actual check printing
  • The payment approval process can be accessed remotely 
  • .PDF image archive of all checks (optional)
  • Secure detailed audit log capture all check data processed for review
  • Secure interface for both users and administrators.
  • Limit user access by account at the user level
  • Support multiple printers (optional)
  • Securely print to a remote printer
  • Fast and simple installation

For more information about SecureCheck8 software solutions, contact 800-359-0364 or email sales@pbsoffice

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Wycom Enterprise Laser Check Printing System

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