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How to Select the Best Coin Counter or Sorter

By Bethany Taylor August 18, 2020 0 comments


Best coin counter

Finding a coin counting machine is easy with Progressive Business Systems

Finding a good coin counting machine can be a bit challenging. There are various brands and categories of coin counters out there, ranging from toys to bank-quality stuff. Therefore, how do you find a machine that will do what YOU need to do? Here are a few common pointers and questions that you will want to review and ask yourself before acquiring the best coin counter. These questions should help you narrow down to the best coin counter in the market.


To start with, a lot of coin counters and sorters out there are basically toys. I recently was in the local department store chain near where I live. I happened to pass by the office supplies aisle. I noticed that the store was offering several different coin counting machines. I couldn’t help but crack a smile when I saw what they really were. Basically, they were $20 and $50 dollar toys being sold as “office” coin counters.

I believe that buying an inadequate coin counting machine is one of the biggest grievances I find among our customers. There are few things worse than purchasing a coin counter machine only to find out it won’t do what you need.

Here are coin counting questions to ask before purchasing a machine.

What Types of Coins Will You Be Counting?

If counting U.S. Currency in terms of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters, most coin counters will work for you. If you will be counting dollar coins or tokens, you may have to check and see if this is a possibility. However, coin counter machines that will handle tokens and dollar coins do exist. 

How Many Coins Do You Need to Count Per Day?


Coin counting machine

You can get a coin counter with sorting and counting capabilities

Typically, coin counters are rated on speed – coins per minute. The higher the speed rating, the more coins you can count in a day. If you need to count coins every so often, a lower speed rated coin counter should be fine for you.


Where Will You Be Using Your Machine?

We try to offer dimensions with all our machines. Be sure you have adequate room before acquiring a coin counter machine. 

Do You Also Need to Sort?

It is worth noting that most coin counters sort, but not all coin sorters count. If you need sorting and counting capabilities, ensure that you verify that the machine can do that before making a purchase.

These are some of the most fundamental questions you will want to ask before making a purchase. You can contact us if you need to find and buy the best coin counter.

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