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The Top 10 Questions About Paper Shedders Answered!

By Bethany Taylor April 09, 2020 0 comments

The Top 10 Questions About Paper Shedders Answered!

Knowing what you need your paper shredder to do for you or your business is critical to understanding which unit to buy. When looking at the various models available on today’s market, it's hard to know what questions to ask that will help to determine the correct paper shredder for you. To assist in making this process a little easier, here is a list of the top ten most frequently asked questions regarding paper shredders and their answers.

1. Are paper shredder blades able to be sharpened?

Typically, paper shredder blades are not able to be removed and sharpened like kitchen knives or paper cutting blades. That being said, there are a few tips for ensuring your blades do not get dull over time:
  • Maintenance. Such as oiling with lubricant made for paper shredder blades
  • Ensuring paper jams are handled appropriately
  • Only shredding items and materials that the machine’s manufacturer states it was gauged to destroy.
If you follow these simple steps, your blades will likely last way longer than the manufacturer guarantees.

2. Can you unjam a paper shredder without having to call a professional?

You can absolutely remove a paper jam from your paper shredder without the need to call a professional. In most situations, the problem is caused by the blades getting bound up or a piece of paper getting stuck between the parts of metal, causing the blades not to be able to move appropriately. One of the easiest and often most overlooked solution to this issue is utilizing the paper shredders reverse blade button. This allows the blades to spin in the opposite direction than they were when they got jammed, often loosening the stuck particle and resolving the problem. NOTE: If you are ever working on a jam that requires tools or any body parts to be near the blades, even when following the instructions in your manual, ensure that the machine is powered down and unplugged for safety.

3. Will my paper shredder overheat?

Paper shredders can overheat due to the friction and resistance created by the type of work that they are doing. That being said, most paper shredders are designed with a cool down feature, which helps prevent your unit from being overused or pressed to the point where it would overheat. If you are using this device in a professional setting, you may want to check to see that the next model you purchase has the cool down option.

4. Can I shred cardboard with my paper shredder?

Most paper shredders cannot handle cardboard. Depending on the type of cardboard, the paper fibers are longer and more resistant than typical paper. Trying to use your home or office shredder to destroy cardboard could result in a few issues:
  • Jamming your machine
  • Dulling your blades
  • Overheating your unit
  • In some cases, it could void your warranty
Before trying to shred cardboard with your paper shredder, be sure to read what the shredders manufacturers have to say about it. You will likely find that your machine cannot do it.

5. Will my paper shredder destroy CDs?

Though the feature is not standard, some paper shredders do come with the capability to shred CDs. Typically, there is a separate blade and compartment for this information destruction process, allowing the plastic and paper to remain independent.

6. Can paper shredders cut up credit cards?

Similarly, to CD shredding, credit card shredding is not a standard feature; however, some models offer this option. If it is something that you need for your business, be sure to look for this added function when shopping for your paper shredder.

7. Can my paper shredder auto feed the paper documents?

Most paper shredders are not equipped with an auto feed feature; however, there are some models that are equipped with automatic paper feeding. Some of the units with the auto feed option also include a built-in paper compactor to help maintain the volume of paper particles.

8. Can some paper shredders cut through paperclips and staples?

There are some heavier duty paper shredders, explicitly made for office use, that were designed to destroy paperclips and staples that were attached to paperwork. This eliminates the need for staple or clip removal when shredding. If your office often destroys paperwork that is bound together, this would be an excellent feature to make sure is included in your unit.

9. Are the pieces of shredded paper recyclable?

Shredded paper is recyclable; however, due to the paper fibers being cut short in the shredding process, there are limited used for it. The remains of your destroyed documents are most likely going to be used in low-end paper products such as paper towels or toilet tissue.

10. Is my Information secure once I have run it through the paper shredder?

Most paper shredders have a specific security rating. You will want to investigate what security level your information needs and then ensure that you get a paper shredder that has a high enough security level to destroy your documents adequately.

Getting the right paper shredder with PBS Office

Here at PBS Office, we pride ourselves on being able to help individuals and companies, just like you get a paper handling solution that works best for their office and its needs. Please take a look at the full features of the DestroyIt line paper shredders or our new Kobra brand products. We have many different models available on our website. Let us know if you have any questions today!

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