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Types of Paper Shredders to Choose From

By Bethany Taylor August 18, 2020 0 comments


Best paper shredders

You have a range of paper shredders to choose from at Progressive Business Systems, Inc.

What are the various types of paper shredders? There are multiple variants of paper shredder machines to select from. The most essential aspect to look out for is the different security levels of the shredder.

However, there are numerous other features to consider besides the security levels. They include auto-feed shredders that can automatically shed your paper or shredders that can also shred CDs and credit cards apart from confidential papers. Here are some of the best paper shredders that you can choose from.

Strip-cut paper shredders

A strip-cut shredder is also known as a ribbon-cut, spaghetti-cut, or straight-cut shredder. The shredder comprises a single blade to cut paper documents vertically. According to the official DIN 66399 standard, strip-cut shredders are rated as DIN P-1 or P-2. That implies that these shredders offer the least amount of data protection.

Cross-cut paper shredders

A cross-cut shredder is called a confetti-cut shredder. These shredding machines cut your documents diagonally from both directions, resulting in small paper particles. These shredders offer far more security than a strip-cut shredder because of the cross-cut technology. Generally, a standard document is shredded into approximately 400 small particles.

Micro-cut paper shredders

Micro-cut paper shredders offer more security than a cross-cut shredder and far more than a strip-cut shredder. Even though a micro-cut shredder is essentially a cross-cut shredding machine, it is a more advanced paper shredder that provides high security for destroying highly confidential data.

 Auto-feed paper shredders

Paper shredders

We offer shredders for hard items such as CDs, DVDs, and credit cards

With an auto-feed paper shredder, it is possible to shred high volumes of documents fully automatic. That means that you no longer need to spend or waste time shredding paper. You just load the shredding machine with documents, walk away, and let the shredder do the work!


Paper shredders for CDs, DVDs, and credit cards

Some paper shredder offers additional features besides your paper documents – to shred CDs, DVDs, or credit cards. These ‘CD paper shredders’ are commonly equipped with a dedicated slot for feeding and shredding CDs into small particles. Additionally, some of these shredders even come with a separate compartment for the shredded plastic particles. That helps to keep your shredded CDs from your shredded paper, which is better for the environment.

Continuous duty paper shredders

Continuous shredders are capable of shredding high volumes of documents without the shredder requiring to take a ‘cool-down break.’ Therefore, these shredders are perfect to use in larger offices and for centralized and bulky shredding.

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