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How to Properly Maintain Cross Cut Shredder

By Bethany Taylor July 14, 2020 0 comments

How to Properly Maintain Cross Cut Shredder

If your business frequently shreds large number of documents, you may have considered several options when it comes to purchasing the right paper shredder for the job.

You might have thought about buying a second-hand piece of equipment online, relying on a professional shredding company, or simply keeping all these documents in a digital cloud.

The Benefits of a Cross-Cut Shredder

let's begin by answering the most basic question: what exactly is a cross-cut shredder, and how is it different from a standard option?

Benefits and how to properly maintain cross cut shredder These types of shredders the most popular choices for office shredding because they shred every single document both horizontally and vertically. With this machine, the size of each individual shred strip is smaller than it would be with a standard model.

Our shredders meet security levels 3 and 4. This means that your documents won't be put at jeopardy by poor quality shredders or lax document disposal security standards.

After all, most people wrongly think that cybersecurity data breaches are the only threats they need to worry about. However, both paper and cybersecurity leaks can cost larger businesses an average of $4 million.

Avoid These Common Errors

Now that you're ready to get an office cross-cut shredder, let's look at what you need to avoid if you'd like to maintain yours in good working order.

First of all, fight the temptation to over-load your cross cut shredder. Yes, these machines are incredibly durable and can hold far more paper than the average conventional shredder. The machine also come with devices and technology that helps to stop them from overheating.

You shouldn't push it still.

Set up a paper shredding schedule with your office team to ensure that you won't have to stuff or overload lots of paper into the machine at the last second, potentially damaging the shredder.

How to Properly Maintain Cross Cut Shredder by not pushing or over loading it Also, be sure to watch what you put into your shredding machine. Yes, it can be bothersome to remove paper clips and staples from your pages. However, taking the time to do this will save your machine and hours down the road.

After all, you don't want to lose a workday or buy a new part for your shredder -- because of a careless user error.

Additionally, stuffing non-paper materials into your shredding machine can significantly damage its cutting head, which will dull the blades faster and result in less-effective shredding.

Finally, if there's a serious issue with your shredder, don't opt for the DIY route when trying to fix it. You might end up losing money, time, and can potentially get yourself into a serious accident. It's just not worth it. Rely on the professionals to fix your cross-cut shredder instead.

Regularly Oil Your Cross-Cut Shredder

If you want your shredder to keep working well for a lifetime, you'll need to oil it frequently.

The process isn't at all time-intensive or complicated, but it can save you from having to deal with serious headaches down the line that could result in lost productivity.

Where to Purchase A Cross-Cut Shredder For Your Business?

Thanks to this post, you're now aware of the benefits of investing in a cross-cut shredder for your office. You also know exactly how to properly maintain your cross-cut shredder.

All that's left is to purchase the best cross-cut model for your office. Spend enough time on our website to learn more about the specific features of our favorite shredders, so you can choose the one that suits your office needs.

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