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Formax 6104 Review

By Bethany Taylor July 14, 2020 0 comments

Formax 6104 Review


Formax 6104 paper inserter
  • Speed of 1,350 pieces/hour
  • 2 1/2 stations insert 1-2 sheets
  • Duty cycle: 5,000 pieces/month
  • 1 dedicated insert/BRE feeder
  • 15 programmable fold applications
  • Fully automatic adjustments
  • Color touchscreen control panel with easy operation and setup
  • Folds and inserts up to 14" length paper
  • Clamshell design
  • Double document detection
  • Seal and non-seal capabilities
  • Resettable counter providing an accurate count of processed forms
  • Energy saving Eco Mode
  • Fold only without inserting
  • Fold types: Letter, Half, Double Parallel & No Fold
  • Optional:Tri-Fold kit - creates even-panel C-fold documents - $495

Formax 6104 color touchscreen The Formax FD 6104 review shows that the inserter is just what your business needs to save time and money. This affordable, tabletop inserter brings ease of use and speedy convenience to all your mail processing tasks. The new, larger 5" color touchscreen relies on wizard-based software for user-friendly and easy setup and operation. You will Save up to 15 programmable tasks for fast, one-touch operation.  The Formax FD 6104 includes 2 automatic sheet feeders that have a capacity of 100 sheets each as well as a BRE/small insert feeder. These top-loading sheet feeders can feed 2 documents simultaneously or can work in "Cascade Mode," so when one feeder is emptying, the other automatically begins feeding so no time is wasted reloading the feeders. This efficiency also allows the Formax FD 6104 to process up to 1,350 pieces per hour. Double Document Detection sensors ensure an accurate sheet count in each envelope.

The Formax FD 6104 also has an energy-saving sleep mode activation feature, which goes into effect after 1 hour of the unit being idle. Other convenient features include its easy access to the paper path, smart clamshell design for quick, and an adjustable catch tray that has a capacity of holding 100 envelopes – 10" or 6" x 9.5". This versatile inserter can do half, letter, double parallel folds or no fold, there is also a "fold only" setting without inserting. An optional tri-fold kit is also available, letting you create a "perfect fold" even panel C-fold, that is used in brochures and marketing pieces.

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