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Demystifying Common Myths About Laser Check Printing

By Bethany Taylor August 13, 2020 0 comments

Using a Laser check printing software and printing machine

Most companies understand that there are security and efficiency challenges in creating an active payroll and vendor disbursement system. Consequently, these companies and other financial institutions have automated the check signing and laser check printing process using Laser check printing software.

Are you contemplating shifting into an automated system but are having doubts about the process? It could be that the doubts deterring you from moving forward are based on myths, not facts. Below, we seek to demystify common myths about laser check printing in check signing machines.

Myth #1

Without a doubt, you will have to get out your wallet to pay for a special printer. There is a myth that you need to purchase a proprietary and expensive “MICR-enhanced” printer when using Laser check printing software. The myth propagates the falsehood that common Laser printers cannot print checks that pass the bank certification process. 

The Fact

We have clients using a readily available and economical Laser printer to print their checks without ANY reported issues with ANY bank. You should have no trouble getting your checks passed through your bank certification process as long as you purchase good software that contains a good MICR font.

Myth #2

You will have to chase down “a unique” and hard-to-find MICR toner and safety check stock.

The Fact

We have been selling check signing software. All of our customers use readily available and reliable MICR toner and blank safety check stock to print their checks without ANY financial institution having a problem with a printed signature on the cheque. 

Myth #3

Check signing machines

We offer readily available and reliable MICR toner and for blank check printing to save you from manual work

Secure Laser check printing needs security features built into the printer.

The Fact 

This is false. Laser check printing software works efficiently and has multiple layers of password protection and encryptions. It is also more flexible and easy to maintain than a special printer. Remarkably, the software does not wear out.

Myth #4

Blank check stock used with Laser check printing software is not as secure compared to using preprinted check stock.

The Facts

Storing and securing multiple boxes of preprinted check stock for each of your bank accounts is less efficient and secure than having a single stock of blank check stock that can be used for all accounts in financial institutions. 

Myth #5

Buying Laser check printing software for business check signing requires a huge upfront cost.

The Fact

You can buy a Laser check printing software for less than the price of a good line matrix printer or check signing equipment for businesses. The return on investment (ROI) with modern software comes in months and not years.

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