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The Benefits of Laser Check Printing

By Bethany Taylor August 15, 2020 0 comments

Magnetic ink for payroll checks

Obtain a laser check printer and start enjoying the benefits of laser check printing

With modern check technology, businesses no longer need to put pen to paper with checks. When it comes to laser check printing, it is all about 'out with the old and in with the new.'

Laser check printing allows you to modify the entire check production process. You can customize how you see fit - from easily altering the check information to the check’s appearance. Additionally, you will reduce costs while increasing your check processing productivity. We offer laser printed checks that are secure and incredibly reliable.  

Benefits of Laser Check Printing

Below are several benefits to opting for laser printed checks for your personal or business check.

Fraud Control

Since the creation of the Checks, malicious and fraudulent people have been consistent in fraudulent check activity. A simple hacker can cause huge chaos in a company. Check fraudsters are always attempting to access your personal and business account information. They restructure the information and proceed to commit identity theft. This is where the laser checks vs manual checks discussions crop up. Notably, laser printed checks contain various security features that safeguard your checks. Some of these security features include software precautions, security features within the paper, passwords, and security keys.

Save Money

Pre-printed checks make your bank quite expensive. With laser check printing, you have the freedom to stock up on cheap computer checks.

Free up inventory space, time and expenses without the trouble of dealing with your bank. Why should you pay extra money to your bank when you can keep the additional savings for yourself?

When you order laser printed checks through Progressive Business Systems, Inc, you can write them off on your taxes. 

Increase Productivity

Our laser check printing software allows you to print check stock for individual or business use easily. Besides, magnetic ink for payroll checks can also prove to be helpful. Laser check printing allows you to print more than one check at a time. The software incorporates an automatic check signing feature to assist in streamlining productivity.

Easy to Use and Customizable Options

Laser checks vs manual checks

Laser check printing software; for printing your check stock for individual or business use.

Laser check printing ensures the legibility of your personal or company check. This is especially beneficial for companies that hand out checks daily. More than just being easy to read, laser check printing decreases the risk of misinformation. For people who get carried away by the MICR toner vs regular toner dilemma, you can select a variety of check types, layouts, and styles that fit your personal style best.

If you are still trusting your bank to order checks, you are exposing yourself to a significant detriment. With Progressive Business Systems, you save yourself the hassle of ordering and creating checks.. 

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