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5 Benefits of Owning a Coin Counter

By Bethany Taylor July 13, 2020 0 comments

5 Benefits of Owning a Coin Counter

Benefits of Owning a Coin Counter Businesses like car washes, laundromats, and amusement parks appreciate the value of Semacon Coin and currency solutions.What often seems to be a little pocket change can cumulatively add up to big profits. One of the challenges with accepting payment this way, though, is that you must spend time at the end of each day manually counting coins. There are other numerous tasks you could be taking care of, but you’re stuck sorting dimes and nickels, then rolling them all up. The Semacon Coin and currency solutions will revolutionize the way you handle petty cash in your business, and it will also free up your valuable time. Here are five benefits you’ll derive from investing in a currency solution.

1-Save time for the more important Things

You might still need to sort your nickels and your dimes, but once that is done, it’s time to let the coin counter get into action. The machine seamlessly counts coins starting with those of the same denomination, and it will complete the tallying before anyone else on your team get halfway the tallying. All you have to do is set a target amount, and your counter machine immediately gets to work. The machine only stops when it hits the set target. You can add more coins to keep the counting process rolling. The counter gives you a running total as it counts up your coins. While you apply Semacon for sums, you and your team can tend to other important tasks in the business. This means those to-do list tasks that were hanging around finally get crossed off the list. It might also mean you can spend more time serving that one last customer or tidying up, so you’re standing by to opening tomorrow.

2-Improving Your Accuracy

Currency handling solutions As humans, we err once in a while. If your coins are still being counted manually, chances of making errors are higher. It may not happen daily, but the more hours you spend counting coins, the more likely a mistake will be made. The greater problem is that it will take you even more time to sort out those mistakes. A single small error can multiply into much more wasted time trying to spot the error and correct it. A coin counter solves this problem. The machine is 100% accurate compared to your human team, which means no mistakes and no wasted time spent correcting mistakes.

3-Reducing Costs and Losses

Coin counting mistakes often cost you more than time. They cost you extra money too. All those changes lead to a bigger problem in your books. Now trying multiplying that loss over a week, month, or a year. Your new coin counter is far superior to what humans can do, so you don’t have to worry anymore about losing out on your hard-earned cash.

4-Keeping Your Hands Clean

It’s not news that cash is dirty. Coins pass from hand to hand, and they’ve been touched a lot of filthy surfaces before dropping into your till. Keeping your employees’ hands clean and germ-free means letting the machine handle the coins.

5-It’s Readily Accessible for You

Making sure technology is effectively available to you when you need it is essential. Supposing your laundromat is open late, while that might be great for your customers, you have a problem when you close up the shop. Where will you find a coin counter at this time of night? By investing in your own, you’ll no longer need to ask this question or resort to manual counting again.

This is a Change for the Better

Whether you’re counting coins in bags or rolling them for depositing, your business will benefit more from the Semacon Coin and currency solutions. Make a change for the better, and you’ll benefit from greater accuracy, time and cost savings, increased productivity, and so much more.

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