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Cross Cut Shredders

By Bethany Taylor August 17, 2020 0 comments

Cross cut shredder vs. Strip Cut Paper Shredders

Strip cut paper shredders do not effectively destroy confidential information. Reassembly of documents destroyed using a strip cut paper shredder is easy. Consequently, in this modern age, it is better to use cross cut paper shredders. An example is the Destroyit cross cut paper shredder

How does a cross cut shredder function?


Open paper shredder machine

Process of shredding paper

Quite simply, it will diminish your personal documents into small particles, slightly bigger than confetti. Due to this, many people also refer to it as the confetti cut shredder, or the particle cut shredder. Its best feature is ensuring that your business documents will be shredded safely. 


What is a Cross Cut Shredder?

Cross cut shredders were expensive and seen as exotic back then, but not anymore. Now, it’s very easy to get one to take care of all your security requirements.

If strip cut shredded papers can be reassembled, garbage snoopers are a cause for concern. To protect your confidentiality, you have to shred documents, and you have to destroy them accordingly.

While you might be thinking that shredding papers or credit cards using scissors is appropriate enough, it isn’t. It’s true that most thieves won’t need to put the pieces back together, but, then again, some will.

Moreover, there are real cases of credit card applications being joined back together and then mailed in, and getting accepted! These cases reveal that ripping them up doesn’t work.

How Does a Cross Cut Shredder Work?

Shredded paper

Paper particle size is what dictates the security level of the shredder

First of all, cross cut shredders aren’t just for papers. Micro cut shredders can also shred credit cards and CDs/DVDs into finely cut segments that are smaller than ants. Cross cut shredders are categorized based on the size of the particle. The particle size is what dictates the security level of the shredder.

Keep this in mind too: the finer the shredded paper particles are, the less sheets that can be shred at a single time. This is due to the stress that’s put on the motors. This is one significant disadvantage on store bought cross cut paper shredders.

For the highest level of security and convenience, there’s nothing better than a quality cross cut paper shredder that gives NAID (National Association of Information Destruction) sanctioned high-security shear shred.

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