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Formax FD 300 AND MBM 93M Reviews

By Bethany Taylor July 14, 2020 0 comments

Formax FD 300 AND MBM 93M Reviews

The new Formax-paper handling product, FD 300, has several almost identical characteristics that could make the 93M seem better. However, the Formax FD 300 has superior features overall. Let's take a look: Formax FD 300 Paper folders vs MBM 93M

Folding Speed

MBM 93M: 7,200 sheets/hour Formax FD 300: 7,400 sheets/hour Two hundred more sheets folded per hour is quite a huge difference when you need to fold several hundred pieces each day. Time and labor savings quickly add up. Input Capacity: MBM 93M: 150 Sheets Formax FD 300: 200 Sheets The FD 300 comes out the winner, here again, thanks to a much more bottomless paper hopper. This translates into fewer paper feedings into the paper tray needed by the operator and a substantial saving of time.

Maximum Paper Size

MBM 93M: 8 1/2″ x 14″ Formax FD 300: 8 1/2″ x 14″ Both models will fold legal size paper, a reasonable request by our customers. The 93M and FD 300 models handle the larger-sized sheets with ease. Advantage: Draw.

Accepted Paper Weights

MBM 93M: 20 lb. bond Formax FD 300: 20 lb. bond Both paper folding models will develop a paper that’s slightly lighter and heavier than copy paper, but that’s about it. We sometimes get complaints from unsatisfied callers who assume their paper folding machine can handle card stock or other heavy types of paper. The fact is, most models are developed to fold copy paper only. The heavier stock paper presents challenges for several models.


MBM 93M: 1-year limited warranty, excluding wearables Formax FD 300: 90-day warranty does not include usable parts, shipping, or labor. As you can notice, both the MBM 93M and Formax FD 300 paper folding machines offer almost identical capabilities. We recommend the Formax FD 300 based on performance capabilities and less time required for operation and attendance.

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