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Comprehensive Guide to Optimizing Today's Office Operation

The Best Equipped Office is a Successful Office

basic office equipmentAnyone who has ever worked in an office knows what office equipment it takes to make that office run smoothly and keep running. There is some basic office equipment that is a necessity when it comes to operating a business in an efficient manner. The equipment you choose for your business must be durable, able to withstand daily use and sometimes, abuse. Many of us can recall a time when the printer went out, the copier was broken or the internet was down. Then again, something as simple as a frayed cord on a desk phone rendered it useless for the greater part of the day, that is, until the IT department was able to deliver you a replacement. During those moments where you were unable to use your telephone how many phone calls to clients were you able to make. Ok, so you did manage to call those clients, but you had to inconveniently make those calls from a coworker’s desk. In addition, to make those calls you were forced to take all notes and documentation need for those calls with you.

All the preparation you made earlier to appease your clients have gone out the window because you have been relocated out of the secure environment of your own desk. Here you sit at someone else’s desk, rifling through their desk looking for an ink pen and sticky notes. Irritating, to say the least, and that is only a simple telephone. So, imagine the angst that could be caused by the unreliability of a larger, more important office machine such as equipment used for customer security like shredders. What if the equipment is meant for your own security, such as cash handling or check endorsing. You may end up with an office that has lost its functionality. Your success depends on that functionality and without it, you will give your competition the upper hand, even if only for a short moment in time.

A Secure Office is A Necessity

Personal security is not the same today as it was many years ago. It is so much more secure. However, even as far back as thirty years ago, thought was put into ways to secure a customer’s information. In the 1970’s, merchants used the old credit card slide embossing machine to complete credit card transactions. It worked well for the times, but there was the problem of disposing of the used carbon sheet. How was disposal done? With a shredder. Can you imagine what would happen if the personal information of your customers fell into the wrong hands? It could mean the onset of a headache that could last for months and possibly years in clean up time for you, and most of all your customers. Victims of identity theft can spend upwards of 175 hours on clean-up paperwork to reverse the damage done. It is challenging and tedious work. What can you do as a business owner to prevent theft of your customer’s personal information from occurring? You can start with purchasing a reliable shredder for your office. Not only a reliable shredder. You need the best shredder on the market. The Destroyit Shredder line of products is what every office should have. This would give you the best chance of preventing the chance that identity theft could occur.

Just as important to a business is the way currency is handled. Cash has its own problems when it comes to the daily operations in a money driven business. Security is the most important part of having a business where there must be attention paid to currency to prevent the occurrence of fraud. As a business owner, accepting cash payments from customers is the way you do business. It is the way you have chosen to make your profits. You do this to make it convenient for your customers that do not like using credit cards. Although this may keep your customer base going, it can also come with cash handling problems for you. These problems can cost you time and money and can lead to much frustration. While increasing your cash management efficiency and boosting productivity and security, you also want to lower costs and losses. This is why you should consider tightening your cash handling procedures using the best in cash handling equipment. Getting equipment such as the Semacon S-2200 Bank Grade Currency Discriminator would go a long way in its ability to derail theft due to counterfeit bills.

There are Ways of Keeping Your Cash Secure

Many cash handling problems can be averted with the installation of a cash management solution. There are viable ways to keep your cash tightly controlled and therefore increase accountability. For the most part, cash handling can open you up to both internal theft and robbery. Theft can take place at any point in the cash cycle: during transactions, while cash is in transit, while it’s being counted, while it’s being deposited, or any other time. A cash management solution will allow you to automate your systems so every dollar is accounted for—this will make it too risky for anyone to help themselves to your money because the likelihood of them getting caught increases considerably.

check endorserCounterfeit fraud is real and it is a sneaky type of theft. Tech-savvy criminals have almost perfected the task of printing fraudulent bills—in every denomination. If you accept this fake cash, you’ll be the one suffering the loss at the end of the day. To protect your business from counterfeit fraud, invest in state-of-the-art counterfeit detectors for every cash register. They will quickly alert you to any suspicious bills so you can refuse them before they become your problem. However, with one click or call to, you will be able to find a solution that affordably fits your business.

When it is up to you to complete transactions correctly, chances are human errors will inevitably happen. You can reduce transactional errors by automating your systems so technology does most of the work for you and increase accuracy. Properly training your staff to accept and dispense cash in a safe and accurate way. Then make sure you have the right cash handling equipment on hand to further reduce the chance of shortages and accounting errors. They should feel completely comfortable processing any type of transaction. Having coin and currency counters accessible to every employee will give you the ease of completing the evening bank deposits. It can also assist employees throughout the workday in making voids, processing refunds and handing out discounts. It is your responsibility to provide them with the right documentation and training. So, go a step further and provide them with equipment they need to keep your profits rolling in.

Sure your end of day money tills can be counted by each employee by hand. Just know that it is easy to lose count, record numbers incorrectly, skip numbers, and mix up denominations when handling large volumes of cash. The chances of errors can be compounded especially when your employees are tired or distracted after a long day. When your employees are counting and sorting money at the end of the night, you want to be sure that the cash they have is exactly what they record to the penny. To ensure greater accuracy, you should be investing in cash counters and sorters that automatically count, sort, and report totals. Take human error out of the equation and your risk of accounting errors will be greatly reduced.

Keep Track of Your Profits Using the Equipment You Already Have

Opening a business is stressful. What is even more stressful is opening a business that involves the direct flow of currency. Progressive Business Systems, Inc. can offer your company a wide variety of check endorsing and check printing options that are affordable. In addition, the equipment PBS, Inc. can offer you will give the highest level of security against the ever present threats of today’s criminal activity such as theft and fraud. Call their knowledgeable sales staff for a consultation on what equipment will be best for your organization. They will not only offer check endorsing and printing options but also alternatives such as check encoding and imaging options! Whatever it is you need, they will lend their expertise to find the best equipment. The following information will give you a general idea of the quality products we offer.

When you have more checks than time, a CHECK ENDORSER is what you need

The time of the business owner of today has the time in their workday stretched to the limit. Because there is virtually no time left to spend on check prep there is the LE-5900. It is a small table-top, high speed, heavy duty, programmable inkjet check endorser with integrated auto feeder. It also offers the following features,

  • Integrated auto feeder.
  • High speed, high quality inkjet linear endorser.
  • Ink cartridge capacity: approximately 5,000,000 characters.
  • Ink level monitoring capability and a low ink notification.
  • Keyboard programmable.
  • Sixty selectable endorse format lines.
  • Four Operating Modes: Endorsing, Counting, Splitting (Dividing batches of documents into smaller groups), a clock that displays date and time.
  • Five Font Styles: Standard, Condensed, Dual Line, Bold, Extra Bold
  • Five Variables types: Date/Time, Numeric Prompt, Alpha/Numeric Prompt, Counter, Group Counter.
  • RS232 communication port for Firmware Upgrades and featured PC based applications.
  • Backup of entire configuration on a PC.
  • Detachable stacker.

The security of CHECK SIGNERS is very important in business today

CHECK SIGNERTake the equipment you already have and make it work for you. You can turn your HP compatible laser printer or color ink jet printer into a secure check signer. The ezSigner Direct allows you to securely apply digital signatures and graphics to checks or other documents. This is done at the same time you print the original document, all in a single pass through the printer. Not only will this save you time, it can save you money in separate check printing costs. There are some businesses that currently have two separate processes, one for check writing and one for signing. Can you imagine how expensive this can be? With ezSigner Direct, you can securely add signatures along with security graphics as documents are being printed. Using a secure password, unlock signatures and/or graphics and apply them to your documents. This will eliminate the need for check signing machines, sending checks through the printer a second time and using those messy rubber stamps. Celebrate putting an end to the tedious process of hand-signing checks. In addition, it adds security to the check signing process. Take a look at the feature you get,

  • A modernized, attractive user interface for more intuitive user interaction; separate event and audit logs.
  • The ability to add secure digital signatures and/or graphics to documents as they are being printed.
  • You can add your personal touch with the new full-screen overlay editor that provides simple, flexible form design, allowing you to easily import, scale, and position signatures and graphics, add and format text.
  • Get more security by being able to position a time-date stamp next to your graphic.
  • Leave a trail that you can track. Retain the check number and account information in the system audit trail. Track all printing events by username, date/time and overlay used.

Because the actual amount of the check matters, a CHECK WRITER is what you need

Don’t be afraid of any “refurbished” product when you purchase from Because they offer a full one year warranty and they have a proven history of satisfied customers. The Paymaster Check Writers brand is the answer to your check writer needs. They give you the embossed amount line provided by the check writer which will allow you to deter amount alterations of your checks. You get a clean, clear imprint of the protected amount line. You also get an easy to replace ribbon cartridge and custom name dies. They will stand behind their products and all their Paymaster Check Writers include a one year parts and labor warranty.

Make it all clearly visible when you use a WYCOM LASER CHECK PRINTER

Do you want to implement a MICR laser check printing solution to address your exact laser check printing application? From desktop MICR printing to enterprise wide distributed MICR check printing, there is a solution for you. The knowledgeable sales staff can help match you with a specific MICR laser printer product with your current software application. It will provide a seamless, secure and efficient MICR check printing solution for you that you can trust. Still need a bit more information? All the answers you need are on the website under MICR Laser Check Printing 101. Their goal is to see your company or institution purchase the correct solution, even if it is not from them.

The Wycom WyPayments Laser MICR Check Printing System will allow you to laser print your entire check, including check outlines, logos, MICR bank numbers, and even signatures using blank security check stock. The WyPayments software can interface with your current accounting software and use your HP compatible laser printer that uses MICR toner. This will give you complete control over the disbursement of your checks in a way that is easy, quick and affordable.

Once you have your new Wycom WyPayments Laser MICR Check Printing System installed you can be assured that no valid checks are issued without access to both your accounting system and your users logging in through the WyPayments secure log in interface. What’s more, as an added level of security, signatures can be suppressed based on the dollar amount of the check and our secure graphic amount line protection that will prevent amount alteration. No check will begin in the process of being created until you activate the WyPayments Laser MICR Check Printing System and request a check from your accounting application. It is all so simple! Installation will only take minutes and no software changes are required. To see for yourself how easy it can all be for you, just request their free trial offer to get the benefits of the Wycom WyPayments Laser MICR Check Printing System. You will be happy you did.

Still not convinced? They can provide references. What company does that? They also offer turnkey laser check printing solutions including blank security check stock and MICR toner!

There are other options such as the ACUPRINT LASER CHECK PRINTING System

check printerIn addition to the Wycom product line, also offers Acuprint Laser Check Printing. Progressive Business Systems, Inc. will work with your company to implement a MICR laser printer to address your exact MICR check printing application. The SecureCheck 8 delivers the ease of next-generation functionality for check and form issuance that enhances both the security and productivity of your organization’s disbursement process. There is nothing like the Premium version which includes all of the Basic and Standard version features plus event notification which can keep your key personnel up to date on all check processing. It offers a workflow process that allows for 2 tier approval of all check disbursements. SecureCheck is a highly flexible and compatible check printing solution that will work with virtually any accounting application to merge your accounting data with check layouts to create complete checks on blank stock. Efficient Check & Form Printing SecureCheck 8 offers a host of features that will automate and add efficiency to your check and form production.

Are Currency Counters Important?

You open a business to be financially independent and make a profit by doing so. Every entrepreneur has plans of making their business the best it can be. It is after all, an investment. Not only is it an investment in time, it is an investment in money. No business owner wants to see the arrows on the graph go south. Many businesses are doing what they can to stay afloat, grow and in some cases, expand. To do this, they must cut costs wherever they can to save money. They must also make their operational processes more efficient saving precious time. Remember the old adage of the past, “Time is money!”. Well, it still holds true today. All the administrative tasks that you must perform through the day can be especially time-consuming and in some cases, time wasteful. Can you believe that many accounting tasks can be the culprit for lost money in your business? You can make a change by investing in cash solutions, in particular, currency counters. The right currency counters can make your accounting process quicker and simpler giving you better results.

Here are five good reasons why having a Semacon Currency Counter would benefit your company.

1.) If You Have a Business That Handles Cash, You Need a Currency Counter

Do your hands, neck, back and eyes hurt at the end of a long night of counting currency by hand? Every business has different cash management needs and you are no different. No matter if your business is large or small, whatever it takes for you to finish up your day and get home at a reasonable time would be thankfully helpful. There are more than enough cash counting products on the website to provide you with exactly what you are looking for. In addition, their currency counter inventory is affordable. Currency counting is not just for the big business. Small businesses can truly benefit from automated currency counting just as much larger companies can. They have many affordable machines to match practically every budget. Large businesses that deal with high volumes of currency can benefit from high-speed and high-efficiency currency counters. Optional features can also add more simplicity to the process making your currency bank ready. It will make storing and depositing your cash easy as possible.

2.) It Will Give You the Speed You Want and the Accuracy You Need

currency counterCounting and recounting, mess it up again. Just when you think you are almost to the end, something distracts you. Then, what was that last number? We’ve all been there and know that cash handling mistakes happen. The best thing to do is to eliminate the problem altogether? There is no more time to waste. Take the human element out of the cash counting equation. Simplify the process and let the currency counter make your nightly money counting chore for you. Now is the moment that you will see with confidence that your totals are accurate. Because these machines have note recognition and digital technology, you are guaranteed to get a 99.995% accuracy rate. Really that is a better accuracy percentage than you could ever get by hand.

3.) It Gives You Your Time Back to Focus on Your Business

It takes time to count money by hand. Do you realize how many other office tasks you could have completed in that wasted time? Well, no more. There are very high-efficiency counters that can count thousands of bills per minute, which you or no employee of yours can claim to be able to do. Instead, of you or your staff spending hours every night counting cash, leave the awful and tedious work to the machine so your employees can spend more time on customer service and other more valuable tasks. It is so simple to get started. Set an amount of currency you want to count, put in the money, and let the machine go at it while you work on other responsibilities. The machine will alert you when your target amount has been reached, so that you will add more cash and it will resume counting. Now your days will be easier and less stressful.

4.) Think About How Much Money You Will Save

People are fickle beings. Imagine when people handle cash, it’s inevitable that errors will occur. How else did we get the phrase “human error”? As it goes, these mistakes are destined to happen. Counting the same bill twice or transposing numbers that are written down is par for the course. Most times you are not surprised when these mistakes happen but they can be frustrating. They can also cost you hard-earned money. Take the “people” from the equation and you will reduce the number of count discrepancies that lead to losses. Although some accounting losses are avoidable, you should do everything you can to prevent them from occurring at your business.

5.) There is the Added Benefit of Protecting Your Business from Counterfeit and Theft

Many bill counters, such as the Semacon S-2200 Bank Grade Currency Discriminator come equipped with counterfeit detecting technology. When you place your bills in the machine, it will alert you to suspicious notes. In addition, it will separate those suspicious notes from the rest and put them aside. Here is a bonus, by automating your currency counting, you deter employees from intentionally counting the cash incorrectly in order to help themselves to some of the money.

By investing in currency counters, you will be sure to benefit from all the advantages they can offer. You will find that regardless of the size of your company or which industry you belong to, there is a currency counter that will fit the needs of your organization. There’s a bill counter out there for everyone, you just go online to the website and find the currency counter that is good for your company. You will be surprised to find that you will quickly be able to get your office back on track to use your newly found time to improve your business.

Advantages to Having an Office With the Right Equipment

Advantages to having the right office equipmentThere are advantages to having an office that works well. It’s like having a Feng Shui sort of environment. This is especially true when you have the right office equipment to make your days go by without a hitch. This is something you should take into consideration from the very first day you open for business. You are that entrepreneur with grand plans of making your business the best it can be. When you strive to make your business financially successful with goals of being profitable, you want to make every penny you take in work for you. That is when you turn to They have office equipment solutions for you. The equipment you choose must be affordable. In addition, it must be durable, that means able to withstand the turns and toils of everyday office use. We all know what that is like, there is always that one person in every office that can put a piece of office equipment to the task. Surely, you want to prevent the unnecessary costs of repairs and replacement that can ravage the budget of every business. That is why it is important to have an office equipment supplier such as PBSOffice. On the PBSOffice website you will find what your office needs such as,

  • Paper shredders
  • Banking equipment
  • Cash handling
  • Check endorsers
  • Check writing programs
  • Equipment replacement parts and supplies

Having a Business Is All About Making Profits

If your office handles large amounts of cash, then cash handling options would be great for you. Many accounting tasks can be the reason for lost money in any business. Miscounting or miscalculating is commonplace. At the end of a long workday, you will find yourself very tired. Can you trust that you will be able to count and record cash and coins by hand without errors? You can be more assured in accuracy by investing in cash solutions, in particular, currency counters. The right currency counters can make your accounting process quicker and simpler giving you better results. Consider it an investment. Not only is it an investment in money, it is an investment in time. A coin counter is exactly what you need to make your nights go so much faster and allow you to get home faster. It will sort out problem currency and remove it from the stack for further inspection, that is truly helpful. In any business, the owner should consider purchasing an item such as Semacon currency counters. A currency counter is the perfect cash handler for a business that handles high volumes of cash and coins. It offers more than just a handy and quick way to count your cash. This makes it much easier to eliminate the chances of your business losing profits.

It Is Important to Make Sure Your Business Handles Documents in a Secure Manner

Now, suppose you wanted to make your business a more transaction secure place for the customers coming through your front door. A good document shredder would do the job nicely to protect your customers from identity theft and identity fraud. A shredder like the Destroyit 4002 Cross Cut Paper Shredder would fit quite nicely in any office setting. It can provide the kind of shredding capabilities that would protect your customers from that one fraudster that would try to put those little pieces of paper back together again. Here are some of the features you would get such as,

  • Automatic Start / Stop
  • Shred size 3/16 x 1 ½”
  • 24-26 pages per pass
  • 1 ¾ horsepower motor
  • 16” feed opening
  • 44-gallon bin capacity
  • Quite operation
  • Simple bag change
  • Auto bag full stop

There is no better time than now to invest in a Destroyit Shredder. Don’t wait for a criminal to steal your customer’s personal information. Are you waiting for the next fraudulent withdrawal from your bank using a check taken from the dumpster? For the time it takes for one of these things to happen, you could have purchased one of the best and reliable shredders on the market. You would think that considering Destroyit shredders work so well and at such high levels they would demand high maintenance. But they do not. They just work well all the time without any fuss or frustration that other shredders would give. There is no denying that you can get the best service ever out of these shredders.

You Must Keep Track of What Money is Coming In and Also What is Going Out

Keep track of money coming in and outWho is making sure that the checks that are written on your business account is correct and no errors are being made in the amounts? If it is all left up to you, then how much time are you spending on reconciliatory tasks? There is an easier way to keep up with your check handling procedures. It would be beneficial to your office to invest in a check signer such as the Wycom Enterprise Laser Check Printing System. It offers time saving features that any business would be proud to boast and any owner happy to have. Make sure that your office is secure and that you as the business owner can keep track of all your transactions with precision. Contact PBS today and one of their knowledgeable associates will help you to determine the model that best suits you. Your new Wycom check signer will be great for your business and help you keep it all on track. For added security have a choice of different models of check signers depending on your need. In addition, there are other security options that can be added to this check signer that will allow you to determine which checks in predetermined amounts can be signed. Check signer machines have become popular over the years and a growing number of owners have become reliant on the service. They know that Wycom is the leader in providing the best equipment for making their offices run smoother while retaining security. It is all about you saving money and making profits. Give your office the advantages it needs to help you grow.

Wycom Enterprises, Why a Credit Union Needs Office Machine Automation

Believe it or not technology has come a long way in keeping us safe from financial loss and fraudulent tactics used by those wishing to commit crimes. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the many credit unions around the globe. There is a great need for cash handling machines in today’s modern bank office. Maintaining and running any office whether it is a bank or not can be costly. Especially when you must furnish the necessities such as check printing systems and check signer machines. Just as every office has a business budget, every office manager has the need to reduce over-head involving administrative expenditures that could easily increase their margin of profit. On the other hand, the necessity to save on the productivity means they must enhance their ability to keep the pace of ever changing technology. With that change in technology comes the need to be able to avoid the type of crime that can come with the changes that come with modern technology. Therefore, it is necessary to update their office machines.

Credit Unions usually review the need for more equipment and/or better equipment based on what types of changes take place when it involves fraud and theft. Take for instance the following points that necessitate the need for new or improved cash handling machines.

  1. Consider the scale of production and output. When your bank office is faced with large-scale production, it may pose a problem for record keeping. For instance, accounts receivable and accounts payables will involve writing a multitude of checks. That is where a Wycom Premier Check Signer would come in handy. This is especially important when you are dealing with a credit union with quite a sizeable employee base. The need for checks and balances are very important.
  2. Everyone should be able to follow the rules and laws set forth by the government. Just as the years go by, laws are amended when it concerns the rules governing cash handling. It is a necessity to have the right cash handling machines in the bank office that will help the employees to follow laws and keep the office honest not only to themselves but also to the general public they serve.
  3. When you have a sizeable market to serve, it can be a very good thing. That means your bank business is growing and is doing for the community what it was meant to do. However, having more people to serve also means you must increase your efforts to keep them safe. Keeping track of the outflow and inflow of funds is very important. Wycom Systems has the means to keep you moving forward in a safe and legal manner.
  4. Keeping the upper hand in the competition. Competition is an essential part of a business. It is what keeps you going strong and making the progress you’ve envisioned. The same can be said for the credit union. The right banking machines in the office will help to meet the challenges to compete efficiently. Wycom has the products that you would need to keep you far in front of the competition.

Cash counting suppliesThere are factors that determine the need for office machines such as those offered by Wycom Enterprises LB. Whether or not a bank office would benefit from any certain office and cash handling machine is something that should be considered before an order is placed. If unsure, the helpful representatives at can help you. They will be able to assist you to determine how it can be a benefit to you to get the machine(s) that can enhance your productivity. Although there are many machines available, the representative will help to determine with machines are really needed in the banking office. There are certain factors that can be reviewed to determine the need for a certain type of machine for the office.

  1. When the work cannot be done by any other alternative method. Also, there is the question of whether or not the alternative method is efficient. Many hands might make short work, but is it a particularly safe thing to do? In the case of writing checks, a Wycom Check Signer may be a better option.
  2. Simplify the work and simplify your day. The type of work may be complicated but the way you do it should not be. If a certain job can be changed to eliminate errors and shortages with a Wycom machine, then why not? It would be best to look into getting what is most important to make any job easier.
  3. During the peak time of day when the tellers are working to capacity and the customer lines are still long, what can you do to make the process faster? You can purchase a machine to sort out the workload and shorten peak times and customer lines.

Sure, the goal of the credit union is to serve the customers in the community. However, why put yourself and employees through a day of drudgery when you don’t have to? Having the right cash handling machines from Wycom Enterprises will also provide a level of security to your customers as well.