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Wycom WyPayments Laser Check MICR Printing System

Wycom WyPayments Laser Check MICR Printing System

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Our Wycom WyPayments Laser MICR Check Printing System will allow you to laser print your entire check, including check outlines, logos, MICR bank numbers, and even signatures using blank security check stock.  Our WyPayments software will interface with your current accounting software and a HP compatible laser printer that uses MICR toner.  You have complete control over the disbursement of your checks!

NEW FEATURE!  You can now implement our Payment Approval Module to allow department managers and executives to "approve" checks in the WyPayment solution before accounting prints the actual check!  Checks will be held in a secure queue after accounting has processed them.  The approver will be sent an email to log into WyPayments and hold, deny or approve the check.  The approver will even see an image of the check payment in the approval screen.  Once the approval process is completed accounting can print out all the approved checks!  Email us today for more info on this great new feature!

With our Wycom WyPayments Laser MICR Check Printing System installed you are insured that no valid checks are issued without access to both your accounting system and your users logging in through the WyPayments secure log in interface!

Signatures can be suppressed based on the dollar amount of the check and our secure graphic amount line protection thwarts amount alteration.

Graphic Signature Background Protection

Protected Graphic Amount Line

No check will even exist until you activate the WyPayments Laser MICR Check Printing System and request a check from your accounting application.  Installation only takes minutes and no software changes are required!  See for yourself, just request our free trial offer to start enjoying the immediate benefits of the Wycom WyPayments Laser MICR Check Printing System!

Ask us for references! We have many customers who will testify to the security and time savings that our Wycom products provide their respective companies!  We offer turnkey laser check printing solutions including blank security check stock and MICR toner!

Eliminates pre-printed check stock
Secure interface for both users and administrators.
Limit user access by account at user level
Suppress signatures at specific amount levels
Signatures, logos, and forms securely stored in WyPayments
No software changes required
Optional Check Log and Check Image Archive creates payment audit trail and
non-negotiable PDF copy of disbursed checks!
Optional printer licenses offers printing to multiple printers
Enhanced graphic amount line and signature security features
Increased security and control over your MICR laser check printing
Ensures proper check number reconciliation
One step MICR laser check printing and signing


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