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Signing and Writing Machine

Signing and Writing Machine

Why use a Signature Signing Machine?

Check Signing Machines Freeing up Time Signature signing machines have been used for a long by the most influential leaders in government, the military, business, and academia, who value personalized correspondence. Signature signing machines allow professionals to apply their time and attention to important issues more effectively without compromising the impact of personalized communication.

What is a Signature Signing Machine?

A signature signing machine automatically generates an individual's handwriting and signature on many documents, such as correspondence, photos, books, greeting cards, and diplomas.

Is the Signature an Exact Replication of the Individual's Handwriting?


How much Writing Space can the Machine Take?

The amount of writing space varies with different electronic signature machines. The writing space for the Signascript products is 3" x 6". The writing space for the Autopen products is 1" x 3".

Are Special Pens required for our Signature Signing Machines?

No. Our Signascript and Autopen systems use any standard writing instrument, including fountain pens, ballpoint pens, felt markers, mechanical pencils, and even crayons.

Can Signature Signing Machines be used to Autograph Pictures and Books?

Yes. Most of our systems will quickly autograph pictures. Two of our systems can autograph any size book.

Who utilizes Signature Signing Machines?

Users of electronic signature machines come from many fields such as elected officials, government, corporations, the military, academia, the entertainment industry, and associations.


The machines we deal with have been in government installations worldwide for more than 60 years. The Ghostwriter T550 has been a popular machine. It grants the ability to sign signatures or short phrases on letters, awards, forms, and other correspondence. You can also enlarge or lessen the signature size to fit the signing area of the document. As with all Ghostwriter machines, security is a priority. Signatures are not stored in the machine but on a removable device. Machines are also equipped with passcode entry.


All levels of education can profit from utilizing a handwriting reproduction machine. Choosing the best signature printing accessories is important in all institutions, especially schools. We have assisted K12 school districts as well as colleges and universities. Ghostwriter machines allow educational institutions to streamline standard business correspondence that demands a signature. This industry has also benefited from our variable data technology in the MaxWriter machines. The MaxWriter has allowed advancement and alumni departments to send hand-addressed envelopes and personalized letters and cards.


Non-Profit organizations have various needs. Similar to educational institutions, they have business departments signatures on routine correspondence. The Ghostwriter T200, T550, and T700 offer signature only capabilities for low volume offices. This model is also light, which allows it to be moved with little effort. For the fundraising department, the MaxWriter offers networked writing capable of variable data. Non-profit organizations are able to communicate with donors and supporters personally.


Electronic Signature Machines in Businesses Businesses have been modifying the way they are using handwriting reproduction machines. In the past, the typical signature only machines (Ghostwriter) were good enough to handle weekly routine business documents. Now, business to consumer marketing has grown into a large part of organizations. Customers are expecting personal connections with the companies they do business. Our variable data machine (MaxWriter) enables marketing departments to send customers a note or letter expressing appreciation for their business.

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