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Wycom Wysign - Best Check Signing Software : PBS Office

Our Wycom WySign Check Signing Solution puts security and efficiency back into check signing! Many companies choose to divide the check "printing" from the check "signing" for security purposes. This two step process allows for better control check signing security. Until now you the options that were available were mostly mechanical check signers which are noisy, offer no audit control and required engraved signature plates. Well, no more! Turn your current laser or inkjet printer into a secure check signer! Just select your current printing environment below to evaluate your options. As always, never hesitate to call our knowledgeable sales staff at (800) 359-0364 if you have any questions!

Consider these highlights:

Secure USB key that can be used on any computer OR if you prefer WySign can be installed on a single PC to limit access. 


Graphical overlay creator--just print our grid on your check and visually set up signature placement, no messy measuring.









Complete audit log-details user access and use of WySign.







Signature backgrounds - custom background make signature duplication and alteration difficult.


Secure user control - you select what functions (check signing, report printing, check overlay creation) that your authorized users can access.

Unlimited check overlays and signatures


Can I use any printer to sign my checks?

WySign is compatible with 99% of the printers on the market. We recommend that you take advantage of our 30 day trial to install and test WySign on your system and specific printers. We are happy to assist you with setting up WySign and ensuring your complete satisfaction before your spend a dime!

How many signatures can I store on the WySign key?

You can store unlimited signatures on WySign. 

Can I scan my own signatures?

Absolutely! We offer a scanning service and our years of experience will save you the lessons we have learned in creating optimal signatures. However, give us a call and we can offer you some free pointers!

What if I lose my WySign USB key?

As long as you have your annual maintenance contract in place you will be able to receive a new key for $75.00. This will be a replacement for your current version, not a duplicate to be used as second key. Software protection is in place that will prevent the original key from working if it is ever located. Make sure not to use this "lost" key as it could impact the replacement key.

What need to re-install WySign on a new computer?

If you installed WySign on a single PC and need to replace the hard drive or move WySign to a new PC just contact us for a new registration code.  As long as you have your annual maintenance contract in place you will be able to receive a code right away. 

Can I track WySign usage?

We provide a very detailed audit log to track users, signatures and overlay use from the moment someone signs on to WySign. This log can be printed or exported based on your exact needs. If you require a check signing solution that signs your checks as they are printed please consider our Wycom WyPayments Check Signer.