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Check Signing Machines

Check Signing Machines

The Importance of Check Signing Software Professional advice on check signing machines, check signing software, and ACH solutions. Utilize your current printer to secure and automate your check signing and AP process. If your company has accounts payroll, payable, or other types of check and AP disbursements, we can assist with selecting, fitting, and servicing your system.

Choose from the leading cheque signing machines or transition to check signing software or cloud-based systems. Our check signing software enables cheque and payment approval from anywhere in the world. Business owners and managers can instantly view and approve checks and payments without being in the office or next to a computer.

Whether you want to upgrade your check signing machine, move to an automated check signing and approval software, or find parts and supplies for any check-signing machine, we offer everything you require.

PBS is the industry leader in automated cheque signing and payment processing services. We are the Nation's Largest Certified provider for all major brands and service over 6,000 businesses, processing $900 million in accounts payable each month.

What To Look For In An Automatic Check Signer

Cheque signers are huge time savers for businesses. They can sign cheques, certificates, contracts, and other documents in milliseconds. So what should you try to find for when shopping for a check signer? There are several things you will want to know before making a purchase. This guide will point out some excellent questions to ask and a few tips that should help you out.

What Type Of Paper Are You Using?

Check signers are designed to work with two different types of paper. These are cut sheet paper and long forms paper. Cut sheet paper is much like what we use in copy machines and measures in at 8 ½" x 11″.

Continuous forms of paper are paper that is connected to the next sheet by a perforation. This type of paper is typically packed in an accordion-like fashion and usually has perforated sides with tiny holes for feeding the printer. A cut sheet check signer cannot handle continuous forms paper and vice versa.

How Many Checks Are You Signing Per Day?

The Basic Operation of Check Signing Software I had a customer enquire what type of check signer he needed if he was signing 50 checks a day. I told them that we had both manual check signers and automatic check signers.

Manual check signers still utilize an electric stamping plate, but need the checks to be fed manually. The stamp usually works on a sheet-by-sheet basis. I informed our customer, who was only stamping 50 cheques a day, that a manual check signer would probably be best for their situation.

Automatic check signers can handle thousands of checks a day. Automatic check signers have a feed tray where the check sheets can be placed. An automated feeder pulls the cheques in and signs them. This type of system is a deal if you are signing hundreds to thousands of checks a day.

What Size Of Paper Are You Using?

As with any paper handling machine, you will need to be sure the check signer you purchase can handle your minimum and maximum paper sizes. Most machines will specify, in their specifications, what types of paper they can handle.

What Kind Of Security Do You Need?

Most check signers need a key to access the signature plate. This is for security reasons. You won't want anyone having access to an electronic signature that can be utilized to authorize checks and other essential documents. Many automated systems even have a keypad that requires an authorized password before working.

How Many Signatures Do You Need?

Most people only need one signature on a document. However, some people need multiple signatures at a time. Most of our check signing machines will accept signature plates with 1-3 signatures. Be sure you specify how many signatures you need before ordering a signature plate.

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