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How Electric Check Signers Can Prevent Check Fraud

By Cliff Haggan March 15, 2019 0 comments

Check fraud is increasingly becoming one of the largest challenges to face financial institutions. As technology advances, check fraud has become easier to successfully execute. Duplicating and altering images of existing documents resulting in realistic fictitious and counterfeit checks along with false identification have caused a widespread fraud outbreak among financial institutions. Wycom Systems have paired their well-educated professionals along with special training in advanced technology in order to create innovate check signer machines for companies to help protect them against the check fraud epidemic. Our expansive options give clients the opportunity to choose the best machine for their business needs and ensure productivity and ultimate security for the business.

Check Fraud Schemes

Criminals who commit this dreaded crime have created various ways to steal one's identity and financial information. Some dangerous check fraud schemes to be aware of are checks being drawn on closed accounts, counterfeited checks, checks altered either as to the payee or the amount drawn upon, or checks forged either as to signature or endorsement. Because we know that signing a high volume of checks within a business creates an increased risk for these troublesome schemes, special security measures were a top priority in designing our check signing machines and check signing printers. By purchasing one of our technologically advanced machines you can be sure to increase security and efficiency within your business for all of your check signings and check printing needs.

Electronic Check Benefits

Our Wycom check signer machines have many benefits to business owners. With Wycom Enterprise for Accounts Payable and Payroll Departments and for Credit Unions, this browser based technology brings simplicity and security to high volume environments. Our Enterprise system implements a special encryption that transforms your printers into secure check signers within the entire corporation. Our full range of fraud resistant and security features ensure that checks, signatures, and overlays are kept secure. WySign is an efficient online check signing system used with Accounts Payable and Payroll Departments. With this advanced technology companies have the ability to physically separate the check signing and printing functions for improved security. Wypayments, which is also used in Accounts Payable and Payroll Departments is a software solution that is compatible with your company's accounting interface. With Wypayments you can be sure that your network printers are secure and have the ability to use pre-printed stock or blank check paper. Wychecks, created specifically for credit unions has features like fraud resistant graphics and instant image archival to ensure that the check signing process cannot be duplicated and fraudulently obtained providing enhanced benefits for credit unions.

Determining you Electronic Check Signer Machine Needs

With the variety of Wycom Premier check signers available on the market, we are sure to have the check signer machine to fit your company's volume and needs. Our machines are built to sign contracts, certificates, checks, and other important documents. Our check signers are made to use two different types of paper, cut sheet normal paper most frequently used in copy machines and continuous form accordion-style paper. Depending on a number of checks you will be signing, the volume of documents, and the frequency our experienced professionals can help you find the check signer that is best for you.

Let us Help Secure your Investments

For accounts-payable and payroll departments in all industries and credit unions of all sizes, Wycom check signing solutions is the answer. Our machines come with a keypad that is used with an authorized password required to gain access to the signature plate for enhanced security. Additionally, you have options to choose from 1 to 3 signatures for each individual signature plate. Our machines are built with various anti-fraud and security measures to ensure the protection of your private information. With our impressive reputation, companies put their fraud and security needs in the hand of Wycom and confidently know that we will go above and beyond to protect their business. Give us a call today and speak to one of our qualified staff members who can help you choose the best machine to fit the needs of your business. We look forward to helping you increase security and productivity within your organization.