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Check Signers Turn Document Signing into an Easy, Automated Process.

By Cliff Haggan March 13, 2019 0 comments

If you or your business has the responsibility of signing numerous checks or multiple documents each day, check signers can make your life more hassle-free by transforming the whole signature process into an automated procedure. By adding a Wycom check signing device to your office, you can free up multiple people and save yourself and your business a significant amount of time. In this article, we will discuss some of the ways that having equipment that makes signing checks automated can substantially help your business today.

What Can a Check Signer Sign?

Though the name "Wycom check signer" makes this machine seem like it is only a good option for businesses that issue a large number of checks, it actually has many uses other than signing checks. In fact, it is an invaluable multitasking piece of office equipment. Listed below are some of the tasks that a Wycom check signer can complete for you.

  • Certificates
    • The Wycom check signing equipment is excellent for use with teams, schools, achievements, awards, certifications, and more.
  • Checks
    • Banks, human resource departments, more prominent corporations, as well as other business types can all utilize the automated system provided by a check signer.
  • Contracts
    • Law offices, sales environments, employment services, financial institutions, and many other businesses can all benefit from having a machine that can sign contracts for their office or workplace.
  • Documents
    • Most offices and companies could use the advantage of having a Wycom check signing device for various documents.
  • Letters
    • A check signer can be used to streamline the process of mass mailings or office-wide memos.

As you can imagine, having a machine that is so versatile would not only be convenient, but it would save you and your company valuable time. In the business world, time saved is money saved, and automating processes allows you to optimize your time and money for other tasks. By making the signature process on any of your documents automated, you have the ability to get hundreds of documents signed and ready for distribution in a matter of moments.

Does the Check Signer Require Specialized Paper?

The Wycom check signer can use regular copier paper as well as specialized accordion paper, where each page is connected to the next with a perforated seam and pulled through the machine.

These paper options make it simple for this machine to sign all of your certificates, checks, contracts, documents, or letters without causing you any added expenses for specialized supplies. Additionally, most of the standard items can be printed on traditional copier paper and then put through the check signer to sign them all in one easy process.

What Other Features Does the Wycom Check Signer Have?

There are a few other design features and questions that are important to consider when determining if you should get a check signer for your office or place of business.

  • Is there a security program that will protect my signature from being used by anyone other than myself or authorized personnel?
    • Wycom check signers have keys or passcodes that must be used to gain access to the signature plate. Having these security measures in place assures that only you and the parties you permit will be able to utilize your signature.
  • Can the machine print multiple signatures at once?
    • If your company or business requires various signatures to be used on documents or checks, there is no need to worry. Wycom check signers have the option for up to 3 signatures to be placed on one signature plate. This makes it possible to create multiple signatures with printing which will save your business even more time.
  • Are Wycom prices comparable to other brands?
    • Wycom offers user-friendly products at very competitive pricing. With the number of tasks that these units can perform in as little time as they do, you cannot afford to not have one in your office today.

A Wycom check signer is necessary for your office because it can switch your check and document signing process to a quick and automated system. A check signer provides your business with a secure, efficient, and time-saving way to sign multiple items that require signatures.

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