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For many organizations, check signing, and printing is a significant aspect of their business. Accounting firms, lenders, and large financial institutions all produce hundreds and sometimes hundreds of thousands of checks on a weekly or monthly basis.
Checks need to be closely tracked, access for signing should only be made available for authorized persons, and there should be a clear paper trail (or electronic equivalent) to ensure that auditing and any fraud investigation can be carried out without delay.
For most companies, a digital check signing solution is the best way to stay secure when printing checks.

What is Digital Check Signing?

The days of manually signing checks have long gone. Many assume that because we are in the digital age, checks are rarely used. This is simply not true. For payroll, providing loans, refunds, share dividends, and other transactions, checks are still heavily utilized.
The most efficient companies are not signing their checks manually. That would simply take too much time and would be cost inefficient. Instead, they are using digital check signers like those produced by Wycom systems.
A digital check signer provides a digitally stored signature that is used when printing checks from within an organization. The signature is encrypted on a hardware device and can only be accessed by authorized persons. In addition to being secure, a digital signature can provide several significant advantages.

How Your Company Could Benefit from a Wycom SystemsCheck Signing Machine

Wycom Check SignerWe’ve mentioned security, but it’s important to look at the benefits in more detail to discover whether a digital check signing solution would be right for your business.
Check signers can:
  • * Limit your expenditure by streamlining the signing process.
  • * Authorization is provided on a per-user basis. This means that you will always know exactly who has access to sign checks for your organization.
  • * Signatures and information are encrypted, so it is nearly impossible for third parties to gain access to your data.
  • * A check signing machine can be purchased as a simple USB token for small business use, or as a large enterprise signing machine which can be used for multiple users within larger organizations like banks, credit unions, and large companies with extensive payrolls.
  • * Check signing machines are relatively affordable considering the security that they provide.
  • * Signing is performed with a simple graphical overlay creator which allows signatures to be applied to your existing printing templates.
  • * Full audit logs are available with detailed user access and signing history.
  • * Signatures include a security line that includes the USB ID# used for the signature, the time and date of the signature, and the Audit Log ID#. This allows for quick reference and investigation for any disputes or discrepancies.
  • * With Wycom software you can control the level of access that users have, limiting or granting access to audits, reports, check signing, or overlay editing.

Your Business Can Become More Streamlined with a Wycom Systems Signer

Signing your checks with a Wycom check signer is simply a better way to do things in 2018. You will have complete control over who can sign checks, who can view your audit logs, and who can change your overlays that are used on checks and pay forms.
You won’t need to invest in new printing hardware in most cases, because the Wycom Systems solution will work with the printers that you already have. The majority of all modern printers (and even most older models) are suitable for use with a Wycom signer.
You won’t need to worry about providing unencrypted digital signatures over unsecured software, and you’ll never need to manually sign checks again. It simply makes more sense to use a digital signer, and Wycom Systems is one of the most trusted names in the industry.
You can purchase cost-effective Wycom Systems digital check signing machines from Progressive Business Systems. With an extensive selection of office efficiency solutions, we are the company to talk to when you want to run your business leaner, and with more security that protects your bottom line.