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What Is the Difference Between Check Signing Software and Check Signing Machines?

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If you are tired of signing your checks by hand, this article is for you! We are going to discuss check signing software and check signing machines. We are going to go over the benefits of both types of check signing solutions in a way that will help you decide which is right for you and your business. This article will show you how the automation and innovative technologies available for your payment options today can help your office run more efficiently every day.

Check Signing Software: What is it?

Check signing software is a set of computer programs that turn your current or compatible computer and printer into a check-signing machine. You will typically not need any additional equipment to create the check signing process.

Check Signing Machines: What are they?

A check signing machine is an all-inclusive piece of equipment that allows for the automation of the check signing process. These units typically come with all the software needed. Utilize specialized paper and ink and have security measures such as security plate locks and passcodes for access.

Check Signing Software VS Check Signing Machines: The Pros and Cons

Like all different office equipment or office upgrades, there are pros and cons to each of the options. Here are some of the most pertinent pros and cons of each of the check-signing software and check signing machines.

Check Signing Software Pros

Many different brands of check signing software, like the Wycom Systems, offer beneficial features.

Check signing software allows your current office equipment to become a check signer.

  • Can often be used on any compatible computer
  • Can be completely automated
  • Can typically utilize any compatible printer
  • Has advanced security printing abilities
  • Offers safety audit logs
  • Security signature panels
  • Security watch user controls allowing you to control who uses which signatures
  • Offers optimal efficiency by providing the ability to print check values and check information at the same time check signatures are being placed
  • Many Check signing software brands will offer unlimited technological help

Check Signing Software Cons

As mentioned above, there are multiple brands of check signing software available on today's market, and unfortunately, not all of it is created equally.

  • Some check signing solutions can have a limited compatibility
  • Check signing software can be considered less secure due to its online ability to print and sign checks at the same time. (Though a good software will have the ability to do both online and offline signatures)

Check Signing Machine Pros

Business Check signing machines offer some of the most secure check signing available today.

Like the check signing software, there are many beneficial characteristics of a check-signing machine; however, just like the software, there are many different variations available, and the benefits and downfalls vary based on the brands. For example, Widmer carries a variety of check signing machines that bring a great balance of security and affordability.

  • Check signing machines are often thought of as more secure due to their typical offline nature.
  • Some check signing machines can sign over 200 checks per minute
  • They offer dual key locks to gain access to any signature panels making check fraud more difficult.
  • These devices are typically user-friendly and take only a small amount of training for anyone to learn and understand how to utilize them

Check Signing Machine Cons

Check signing machines have their negative traits as well. Here are a few things to consider when thinking about your check singing solutions today:

  • Check signing machines are single-use machines. This means that all they typically do is work with checks.
  • Price ranges vary based upon what all the units can do. These units can range from very affordable to very costly, depending on which style or brand you purchase.
  • Some units are barely automated. Be sure to check how many checks it can sign per pass.
  • Can be costly to add signatures or get new signature plates.

PBS Office is the Right Place to Find the Perfect Check Signing Solution for Your Business

“Regardless if you are looking for a more traditional rubber stamp method, an extra secure offline check signing machine, or a new more automated and efficient check signing software, PBS Office has the right solution for you and your business.”

Here at PBS office, we carry a variety of check signing solutions. Regardless if you are looking for an extra secure offline check signing machine, or a new, more automated and efficient check signing software, we have the right solution for you and your business. Our knowledgeable staff would be glad to discuss your companies needs with you to help you make an informed decision on which check signing solution is the best for you. Contact us for more information today!

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