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What Is the Best Counterfeit Money Detector

What Should I Look at to Get the Best Counterfeit Money Detector in 2021?

Buy best counterfeit money detector at affordable price

At PBS Office, we are dedicated to the survey, evaluation, and providing high-quality products to improve your company's security and simplify workflow. We have been providing our clients with software and hardware solutions, in particular: MICR decoders, safe document shredding solutions, and money counting machines for financial institutions.  

Depending on how you look at it, it could have been a lot easier, or a bit more difficult, decades ago, to tend to a business. Shop owners did not have the vast array of devices available these days to sniff out fake money, and besides, the number of fake cash circulating has been mushrooming over the years. Some $200 million in not-so-legitimate currency has infiltrated the United States market. 

Technologies for pinpointing these bills are of critical importance. Tolerating fake currency is similar to getting robbed—someone gets your services or goods, and you don't get anything in exchange. 

To keep this from happening, an investment in a counterfeit money detector is worth it. The good news is that unique and improved options are available each day, so read on to discover the best counterfeit money detectors to purchase now.

Which Counterfeit Money Detector is Appropriate for My Firm?

Technology has made it possible for counterfeiters to discover new ways to make money constantly. How do you remain competitive and use modern innovation to keep fake money out of your cash box? You're curious to know: what's the best counterfeit money detector?

PBS Office is committed to keeping pace with technologies and strategies that help you defend your company from counterfeit currency and offer the best answers to these questions: Which counterfeit money detector is correct for my business?

For many of these retail settings where cash is frequently used, the best option for counterfeit dissuasion is a counterfeit money detector that offers a quick way to check in three dimensions. PBS Office provides a solution to monitor multi-layer security features that can only be detected using specific methods and technologies.

Semacon S-950 Series Currency Authenticator

Best Counterfeit Money Detector

Fight money counterfeiters with Actual solutions—marking pens can be quickly fooled, putting bills up to the sun to see the "thread" doesn't tell the entire story about the bill. Our Semacon S-950 will give you advanced counterfeit detection that analyzes the whole bill using ultraviolet, infrared and magnetic properties. 

Besides, the visual presence of these S-950 units can bring fear to someone who might think of you slipping you a fake bill. Bear in mind that more firms are implementing this security form, so counterfeiters are still on the move. If they see these kinds of strategies in a company, they can only go to the next door and find a simple target!

Semacom State of the Art Detection Technology

The S-950 uses Semacon's SmartCert state-of-the-art technology, including customized sensors, to validate each banknote. The system examines the banknote paper density and scale. It checks the authenticity of the magnetic characteristics, the metameric infrared markings, the ink characteristics, and the dollar bill infrared images on both sides.

Banknote validity is based on an integral examination of all measurements taken, offering the maximum degree of counterfeit identification precision possible in a portable point of sale unit.

Semacon S-960 Series Currency Authenticator

The Semacon model S-960 Compact Automatic Currency Authenticator is designed with a clear Fail/Pass indicator and ejects in the specified direction, with simple control in a robust, compact space-saving style. Feeding the bill into the system is accomplished rapidly and effectively, followed by an instant indication of the results.

Can I be Sure About My Counterfeit Money Detectors?

Best Counterfeit Bill Detectors

Criminals would still try tirelessly to discover new ways to counterfeit currency, while the majority of us would still worry about the best counterfeit money detector. At PBS Office, we are dedicated to supplying the best counterfeit money detectors on the market with simple, easy-to-use, and efficient devices. We've been around for more than 25 years with proven results.

Getting The Best Counterfeit Money Detector

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