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Modernize Check Signing with WyCom

Modernize Check Signing with WyCom WyCom Systems are essential for any financial institution or business that is looking for a simple, secure, and efficient automated check signing solution. With the use of these products, many clients and customers have increased the productivity of their companies as well as reduced their operating costs and put in place added financial security. Businesses have been able to turn to the trusted name of WyCom for their checking solutions for well over 30 years.

Many companies of all size and in all industries worldwide have found these check signing and printing systems to be useful in their payroll departments as well as their accounts payable sections. Every business can benefit from WyCom’s automated check signing solutions.  This article is going to discuss three of the major features that are included in these amazing products: security, overlay creation, and printer compatibility.

The Three Impressive Components of WyCom

The Wycom name means a lot in the business money management industry. Their brand is exceptional, and this is because of their attention to the details needed by their clients. Here are just a few of those highly sought-after features and some details of what that component could mean for you and your business.

  1. Unparalleled Security

One of the most crucial selling points for most companies when looking at WyCom's automated check signing solutions is their incomparable security. Some of the superior security features provided with some of these products include the following measures:

  • Forgery Resistant Custom Graphics
    • This means that when printing checks, there can be custom graphics selected to help make your checks more secure. WyCom offers graphic backgrounds for the signature area. This will help with signature forgery. They also provide custom graphics for your amount line. This will help protect against the value being changed on the checks.
    • Void Limits
      • Having void limits allows you as the controlling entity on your payments to flag predetermined amounts causing the checks with a higher value to void. This gives you premium control over checks that are more likely to be printed fraudulently.
    • Signature Suppression
      • One of the most recognized security features offered by WyCom Systems is the ability to add signature suppression. This is similar to void limits because it triggers at a predetermined value. The check is still issued; however, the automatic signature feature is suppressed. This means that the check will print with all critical information on it, such as the amount and payee line. The only portion that will not be completed will be the signature line that makes the payment valid.
      • Even companies with some of the strictest security measures have adopted Wycom systems for their automated check signing solutions due to this feature. Because signature suppression allows for more restriction by management, many corporate offices have found that they can now afford to try to automate some of their previously manual signature processes.
  1. Simple Overlay Creation
  • Another fantastic feature that is found in many of the Wycom check printing and signing systems is the simple overlay creation. Unlike other similar products that require you to spend precious time measuring your check paper to ensure proper signature alignment, you will be able to align the paper at a glance. This is made possible by a grid that is printable directly on the check that will allow for ease of signature alignment.
  1. WyCom and PBS Office Printer Compatibility
  • An unforgettable component of WyCom is that the systems for both check signing and printing are easily integrated into the equipment and hardware that you already have in your office. Most computer systems will be able to run the WyCom software, and once you have it installed on a computer attached to a printer, you will likely be able to utilize that printer as your new automated check signing center.
  • The WyCom WySign is compatible with almost 99% of today's available printers. This means that you can add the ability to sign and print checks to your business today without having the added cost of additional hardware or equipment.

WyCom and PBS Office

Here at PBS office, we strive to offer the most competitive pricing on the most innovative business solutions. Our team prides itself in excellent customer service. We provide each client as much information as we can on any products that they may be curious about or have any questions in regards too. Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you in finding products that will help you meet your companies needs and to support your business in becoming more productive and efficient. Please contact us to discuss how the WyCom automated check signing solutions could help you with your check printing and signing needs. We would be glad to assist you in modernizing your payment issuing options today!