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Check Signers Payroll

Check signing solutions save writer's cramp and considerable time. You'll discover the highly efficient signers enhance productivity besides being practical. Instead of spending hours signing a payroll check or accounts payable manually, you can simply use a signer to accomplish the task in minutes.
If you're seeking a solution that comprises security features, which prevent unauthorized access and tampering, we recommend you invest in a wycom premier check signer. We've offered check signing solutions for over 25 years, making us experts in this industry.
If you're seeking a solution to sign your checks after printing, a wycom check signer is a way to go. Here's a list of reasons why you need to consider these machines for your payroll tasks.

They're Simple and Fast

Check signing solutions bring simplicity, security, and speed even in the highest-volume settings. Therefore, they provide an easy and fast way of signing and printing checks in a single pass on whichever enabled network printer.
Whether you use a blank check or pre-printed stock, wycom systems turn your printers into safe signers across your company. With the full security range and fraud-resistant aspects, your checks, overlays, and signatures are safe.

Fraud Protection

Check Signer WycomOur products include superior fraud-protection aspects, for instance, the capacity to suppress signatures at particular thresholds and signature background safety.

Exceptional Security

These machines permit the encryption of signatures on a secure key, granting you the confidence of a protected and safe check signing. You can be certain that our signature backgrounds provide fraud protection, decreasing the likelihood of duplicity.
You have the freedom to establish the functions every approved user can access for superior control of important tasks such as the creation of check overlays, report printing, and check signing.


For secure, effective off-line signing, check signers are ideal if your company wishes to physically separate the printing and check signing functions for superior control and enhanced security. Thankfully, our simple-to-use graphical overlay allows for an easy and fast signature setup.
Furthermore, they're compatible with almost all printers, giving you the required flexibility. You'll also put an end to the dreary task of signing checks manually, you'll eradicate the need for untidy rubber stamps, and sending checks a second time through the printer will be no more.

Audit Trail

These machines audit accounts for each signed check, giving you a precise picture of the user who signed the checks, the timeframe, and the signatures and overlays used. You can also track every printing event by username or date.

Simple Overlay Development

With our systems, you don't have to waste time measuring for alignment of signatures owing to our graphical interface.

Save Money and Time on your Check Processes

Our solutions offer the reliability, speed, and high-performance today's companies need, particularly in high-volume settings. From credit unions to single-branch companies, our machines offer a simple, secure, and seamless solution for check printing, signing, and archiving.

Automatic Archival

These machines can store images instantly as PDFs to your current imaging system, allowing you to decrease paper costs, eliminate manual scanning, save storage space, and hasten the check retrieval.

Browser-based simplicity

The browser-based administrator panel acts as your virtual key to effective, easy, and secure management of your company solution.

Interface with Your System

Our signing solutions will interface with your existing printer and computer system to permit one-step check signing of your constant checks. You simply connect the signer to your local PC or network and your line matrix or dot matrix.
Once installed, our secure log-in ensures that check signing doesn't take place unless requested on your system and the activation of the signer has taken place. With our solutions, you're guaranteed that the issuing of valid checks doesn't take place without access to your accounting system and the appropriate security access to the signer.

Limits on Signature Suppression

This is a popular feature on check signing solutions. By examining the data stream, the machine can suppress the signature element for any check that surpasses a prearranged dollar amount. Furthermore, if you use two signatures, it's possible to suppress one or both signatures based on two different amount levels. This feature allows you to sustain control over checks featuring huge dollar amounts.
With the advancement in technology, companies can no longer afford to maintain manual check signing processes, especially in a competitive and fraud-prone environment. For this reason, most have turned to check signing solutions, which offer these numerous benefits.