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Three Ways Check Signer Machines Increase Office Efficiency

By Cliff Haggan March 13, 2019 0 comments

Surveys report that the use of paper checks decreased by around 50% from 2000 – 2012. During that time, while checks decreased in popularity, the use of credit cards spiked. The Debit Card quickly replaced the need to carry around a checkbook. Why wouldn’t they? Credit cards are lighter/smaller, easier to carry around, it is quicker to swipe a card than it is to write out a check, it saves the user money when they no longer have to pay $15 or more for a booklet of checks, and every credit card transaction is electronically documented so there is no need to keep track of each penny spent and no need to do all the math required to balance that old checkbook. Originally invented in 1950 by the American Express Company, the credit card did not become extremely popular until 1958. The credit card is somewhat recent and what makes it so popular is the convenience. By the ‘70s the debit card was invented as other banks began experimenting…usage really skyrocketed by 1990 when the ATMs began servicing people. As wonderful as credit cards are, there are downsides to using cards. It seems easier to spend money when you are not writing out the full amount on a check or handing over that large wad of bills in cash. Many people also do not keep a close enough eye on their bank accounts either when they rely solely on their credit cards as a method of payment. If a checkbook is correctly, and routinely, balanced, each time the user writes out a check, they are reminded of how much money is in their account. With a credit card though, the user is not ever reminded of how much money they have in their account until it is denied, which makes it far easier to over-spend or drain their accounts. Even still, large companies and businesses often use checks when it comes to big amounts of money, paying their employees, or making donations. Usually, this is done with the help of a Wycom Check Signer.

How does a Wycom Check Signer work?

A check signer simplifies the life of a company’s CEO, president or vice president. Because part of their job involves them writing out checks for business expenses, payrolls, donations or anything else, that leaves them with a ton of checks to fill out and sign. However, oftentimes, these officials or their accountants never actually get the check handed directly to them. If they never get the physical check, how are they supposed to sign it and make it valid? Now, these important business people can view the check electronically on their computers, and an electronic check signer can help them to sign the check from the convenience of their laptops instead of having to track down the little pesky piece of paper. These electronic check signers have revolutionized the convenience of business.

A few major benefits of the Wycom Check Signer

Not only does it save time because they do not have to track down the check, pass it from one person to the next, but the check can simply be scanned into the computer, sent to the signer, and signed with an electronic signature before being sent on to where it was supposed to go. The check signer keeps things organized, too. So many things, (i.e. papers, reports, documents, and files) get lost going from one person to another or are buried on desks or in drawers. End the madness and stay organized by sending checks virtually through the computer instead of physically via a carrier. The check signer machines save money by reducing manpower. By sending and signing checks virtually, it removes the need for an extra payroll. There is now no need to pay someone to run back and forth, from person to person, with checks that need to be signed. Wycom is proud to serve The Progressive Business Systems, Inc. has been providing Wycom systems since 1988. We are proud to offer quality programs and systems that work. Call us today and talk to our knowledgeable and resourceful staff to see how we can help you