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Wycom Check Signer Machines are More Efficient and Secure

Many businesses are faced with the challenge of high volume check signing, and for most, it is one that is difficult to overcome. Digital check signing is one solution that is more efficient and secure, and businesses that invest in digital signing solutions can find that their operation becomes more streamlined and productive.

Wycom is the most trusted name in check signer machines, with simple hardware that can be used for even the largest enterprise businesses.

Introducing the Wycom WySign Digital Check Signing Solution

Some business owners and office managers avoid digital signing solutions because they assume that they would cost prohibitive. This is simply not the case when looking at an affordable and effective solution like the Wycom WySign.

This simple USB key device contains all the necessary software secured in a single piece of hardware. It is perfect for agile businesses that need a dynamic solution that can be used anywhere, even at remote sites or satellite offices.

Wycom WySign is a check signing solution that can be connected to any computer to provide secure signing for your business. Perfect for high volume checks for organizations, this is a popular solution for companies looking for a better way to manage their payroll signing.

The USB key is encrypted and secured by username and password login credentials. Simply connect the device to any PC, choose the overlay with a graphical interface, and start printing digitally signed checks that make things easier and more efficient in your workplace.

Because the Wycom WySign is a digital check signing solution, there will always be an accurate audit log that is kept up to date with every single check that is signed. Organizations can determine which users have authorized check signing, how many were signed, and it’s easy to discover the overlay and signature that was used. Having a complete digital record is essential for modern businesses, and the Wycom signer can even cut down on paperwork when compared to manual check signing and record keeping.

Most importantly, the WySign doesn’t require any special printing hardware. Virtually any commercial or consumer printer will work with the WySign, so there’s no need to upgrade the hardware in your workplace. With one affordable and easy to use the device, you can have the flexibility that you need for check signing for any purpose.

Wycom is Trusted by Credit Unions and Large Enterprise Users

Wycom is one of the most trusted check signing hardware providers in the credit union industry. More than 1,000 credit union organizations rely on Wycom solutions to make the check signing process simpler and more efficient.

Wycom allows the largest companies to:

  • Reduce their costs by eliminating labor and materials associated with manual check signing.

  • Enhance the delivery of their services.

  • Create a more efficient organizational structure without the need for manual signing.

  • Raise their security and comply with relevant regulations. Because Wycom devices are fully encrypted information stored on a hardware check signer cannot be compromised.

Even if you run a relatively small and agile business, the Wycom check signing solution can provide similar benefits. Because the WySign is affordable and simple to use, it’s perfect for small and medium-sized businesses that handle a high volume of checks and other documents that require digital signatures.

Get All of Your Digital Check Signing Solutions at Progressive Business Systems

With an extensive range of office productivity solutions, Progressive Business Systems is your ideal supplier when you want to create a leaner, more agile, and more efficient workplace. The Wycom WySign is available for order today, along with the Wycom enterprise check signer which is suitable for the largest organizations processing thousands of checks every month.

Wycom signers aren’t just used for checks. They can be used for legal documents like contracts and sales agreements, invoices, certificates, and anything else that needs to be verified by signature. Sign documents faster and with more security when you choose solutions from Progressive Business Systems.