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Data security should be a key focus for every business today. In the United States, more than 12 million businesses and private individuals are victims of fraud every year. 21% of all fraud cases result in financial loss, for a total of over $900 million per year. Identity theft is the most common precursor to fraud, resulting in a 23% increase in credit fraud cases reported in 2017.

If your business has a strong data security system in place, particularly when it comes to IT, you might think that you are protected. However, the reality is that fraud can still occur with the theft of paper documents and other forms of physical media. If you want to be completely secure, then Destroyit shredders can be beneficial to your organization.

Paper Records are Still Widespread in Modern Business

DestroyIt ShreddersWhile most industries have heavily invested in digital data storage, there are still significant amounts of data recorded and stored using traditional paper documents. Even if this data is transferred to a digital storage system, the original information still exists in some form. If you are simply disposing of your paper documents through standard waste management solutions, then you aren’t protecting the interests of your business and clients.

Paper documents can contain personally identifiable information like names, addresses, and phone numbers. High-risk data like social security numbers, bank accounts, and credit card numbers may also be recorded on paper. Important internal documents, including trade secrets, could be lost and intercepted if you don’t dispose of paper documentation correctly.

What’s the Most Effective Way to Destroy Paper Documents?

The most effective way to destroy information is to run it through Destroyit business shredders. Paper shredding devices are used to cut paper into thin strips or tabs that are almost impossible to reassemble. This makes data unusable, even if you eventually dispose of your shredded documentation through your standard waste collection or recycling service.

There are two categories of Destroyit paper shredders that you can use today, which offer different levels of security for your important data.

Standard paper shredders cut paper into thin strips. This makes it extremely difficult for documentation to be reassembled and read. This is the most cost-effective method for small businesses that don’t deal with critical data. General office documents are typically shredded use Destroyit shredders that cut in strip patterns.

While the first method makes it very difficult to reassemble documents, it’s still not impossible. Highly tenacious third parties could collect and eventually read and steal your information if they are persistent enough. For personal information and financial information, this creates unnecessary risk. For your most sensitive documents, cross-cut Destroyit shredders would be more suitable. These shredders cut in a diamond pattern, turning each document into hundreds or even thousands of small paper clippings. Even the most persistent data thieves would find it practically impossible to reassemble documentation that has been run through a paper shredder.

Shredders can be used for much more than paper. If you store analog or digital data on magnetic tapes and discs, then choosing the best Destroyit shredders for business can allow you to destroy the physical media.

Whatever type of official documentation or data you need to destroy, you can find the perfect solution with Destroyit business shredders.

Purchase Affordable and Highly Efficient Destroyit Shredders for Your Business

Protect your business from fraud and data theft and ensure that your clients don’t fall victim to identity fraud. With efficient Destroyit business shredders, you can have a practical solution to quickly destroy your sensitive documents. Whether you need an affordable strip shredder or a more advanced shredder for the most critical documents, you can find what you’re looking for at Progressive Business Systems.

Don’t become the next fraud or identity theft statistic. Our staff is standing by to help you find the ideal document destruction tools for your organization. Explore a range of office efficiency solutions that can help you to meet the challenges of running a business in the modern world, with total efficiency and complete peace of mind.