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What to Do When You Need More than Paper Shredded

what to do when you need more than a paper shredderWhen you are looking into paper shredders, it is essential to consider all the items you will be shredding. We all know that paper being shredded is important and ensuring that the document is destroyed small enough to make reassembly nearly impossible is a must. One of the other things we sometimes forget to consider is what other items that we might need to run through the shredder. This article will discuss what items other than typical copy paper might need to be put through a shredder as well as spotlight the best name brand in the paper shredding industry.

Items Other Than Paper That May Need Shredded

When shredding items for security reasons, there are a few items that may need to be considered when looking at buying a paper shredder. You will want to ensure that your new shredder can destroy the following things as well as meet your paper shredding needs.

Paper clips, rubber bands, and staples

You might not think of this at first; however, these are everyday non-paper items that can end up in a paper shredder when you are in a hurry. Having a device that can easily manage to destroy these items as well as effectively destroy the documents is going to be very helpful. When you have a large box of files or a stack of documents, not slowing down to separate or remove any of the fasteners for those papers will save you time, hassle, and money in the long run.

File folders, poster board, or heavy gauge paper

Another way documents are often stored is in file folders. These folders can be just as tedious to remove as staples or paper clips. Having a shredder that will destroy the folder and the documents at the same time will help to increase your office or business’s productivity. You will also want to ascertain how much higher gage paper or poster board that your company uses. Whether its certificates, cover pages, or signs, you may find yourself in a situation where these items need to be placed in your paper shredder, and you will want to ensure that the device you have in your office can handle the job.

Data disks and CDs

Many different types of businesses handle sensitive information that has to be legally protected. Some of this information gets stored on data disks or CDs for ease of transfer or to help save storage space in offices with large quantities of files. When these disks are no longer relevant or need to be eliminated, due to data remanence destroying them efficiently and effectively is the only option. Many top of the line paper shredders offers a plastic shredding option with a separate bin. This allows for the waste products to still be recycled with ease.

Credit cards, key cards, and photo IDsDestroy It Paper Shredders and PBS Office

There are multiple reasons to get a paper shredder with a plastics shredding capability. One of those reasons is credit card destruction. Even if you are not a company that creates or distributes credit cards, there are always cases or situations where the ability to shred a card is helpful or appropriate. To help with safety and security for your business or office, it is always a great idea to eliminate any unused or outdated key cards for the building or ID cards that may grant access to previous employees. One of the safest ways to destroy this type of item is by running it through a high security level paper shredder that can destroy plastics as well as paper.

Paper Shedders that Can Do It All

The Destroy It brand paper shredders are known for their quality and durability. These units are made to power through more substantial quantities of paper in one pass as well as handle more than paper. The unique shredding arms in the Destroy It line are made to power through paper clips and staples with ease and can eliminate credit cards and CDs as well. They can reduce your documents and sensitive materials to confetti in just a few moments. Destroy It brands are the best brand in the paper destruction industry.

Destroy It Paper Shredders and PBS Office

Here at PBS Office, we carry over 20 different Destroy It brand paper shredders. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help to answer any questions you may have regarding any one of these devices. Our sales team is dedicated to helping you choose a paper shredder that will increase your company’s productivity and efficiency. We will discuss your needs so that we can ensure that the shredder you receive will be able to process all of the documents, CDs, Credit Cards, or IDs that you want it to at a security level that will surpass what your company will require. Contact us so that we can help you select a paper shredding solution today!