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What is the On-line check signing software?

Finding the right check signing software can be essential to every company or business. With all of the options available on the market today, figuring out which model or program would best suit your needs can be difficult. Selecting the perfect blend of convenience and security is crucial. After thoroughly reviewing your company's payment security policies, and reviewing the time spent each month on signing payments or documents, you will be able to choose the right payment solution for your needs better.

What is check signing software or check signers?

Check signers are devices that will electronically sign checks or documents for payment purposes. Check signing software is programs that can typically transform some of a businesses already existing equipment and computers into check printers and signers. By having a check signer or some check signing software, companies can streamline the signature process. By automating this task, businesses can save valuable time and money for other responsibilities. With this boost to every company's efficiency, it is easy to see why your business needs a check signer machine or check signing software.

On-line signing and what that will mean for you

There are two kinds of check signing processes, on-line and off-line. When a check is signed off-line, this means that the checks are printed with the payee listed as well as the amounts on each check at a separate pass through the printer. Once the checks are printed with payee and values, they can then be put through a signer. Dissimilarly, on-line check processes are typically completed in one pass through the printer. This means that at the same time, the checks are being printed with payee and value; they are signed and valid for payment. Different companies have different types of security procedures for their outgoing payments. With On-line check signing software, there are tons of different security protocols built in to help create the safest possible environment for each user to create securely, keep track of, and sign checks and other documents. On-line check signing software is perfect for any company that is looking to combine the cost and time savings associated with check printing with the efficiency and security that comes with automated check signing. With the ability to complete both printing and signing in one pass through the printer, companies can print checks and other documents quickly and efficiently without compromising security.

A Variety of Excellent on-line check signing products

Today's business market boasts a multitude of different check signing products. Most of which have on-line check signing capabilities, however, like most things, some products are better than others. You will find that some software will allow the user the ability to approve checks and payments instantly, some software will allow remote approval from anywhere in the world, while some check signers can process over 200 checks per minute. You will find that you can protect your interests with Wycom check signing software. Here are a few of the best Wycom check signing software as well as their features.

Wycom Enterprise Check Signer

The Wycom Enterprise Check Signer interfaces with most business's current computers, printers, and other equipment. This allows for easy setup. Once you have installed the check signing software, Wycom has a secure log-in that gives the best security options.

  • Eliminates the need for manual signatures on checks or documents
  • Adds graphics security to the amount and signature portion of a check
  • Increases safety and adds an element of control to your payment solutions
  • Removes the need for stamps or older electronic check signers
  • Creates a one-step process for both printing and signing the checks or documents
  • Has an optional upgrade that will allow complete laser printing of your checks.

WycomWySign Check Signing Solution

The WycomWySign Check Signing Solution combines security and efficiency. Businesses often choose to separate the printing of their checks from the signing of those same checks. They separate this process for security purposes. With the WycomWySign Check Signing Solution, companies can select to either divide these processes or combine them into one.

  • Complete audit log
  • Printable signature backgrounds for added security
  • Unlimited check overlays
  • Limited user access


The WycomWyPayments software utilizes the office equipment you currently have by turning your computers and printers into efficient and secure check signers. This software easily works with your accounting system that will allow your checks to be printed and signed quickly and safely.

PBS Office and Your Company's On-line Check Signing Solution

Please contact us here at PBS Office. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff would like to go over your check signing options with you. After a brief discussion of what your company is looking for in a check signer, we will be able to further point you in the direction of what options may work best for you and the needs of your business. Give us a call today to take a significant step toward having a more efficient company.