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What is the Off-line check signing software?

When looking for new check signing soft wares, there are many different options and many different devices that can achieve your check signing needs. One of the chief concerns with any automated check signer is security. You will want to review your companies needs and security regulations and compare those to the different features for the variety of software available on today's market.

Check signing software

Check signing software is a type of program that helps companies or corporations automate the check or payment signing process. These procedures could typically cost a business many executive or critical staff employee hours to complete. With the proper check signing software; however, this process can be reduced to a quick process that requires only one person to utilize the approved printing device that can sign all checks, payments, or other documents. It is not hard to see how you could save time and money with an electronic check signer.

Off-line Signing and What that Means

When a check signing software boasts about being off-line, that means that the checks or documents are printed separately for security reasons. After checks are printed with the payee information and values, they are then passed through the printer that is equipped with the off-line check singing equipment. At this time, the checks will be given the official signatures that are needed to make these payments valid. Some off-line check signing software can add other security measures at the time the signature is placed. Some of those items include but are not limited to the following list.

  • a security watermark on the surface of the check
  • forgery-resistant graphics
  • graphical signature backgrounds

Off-line check signing software is ideal for any company that has regulations that require the physical separation of a check or documents signing process from that of its printing procedure. This offers the business a more significant amount of control over their payment processes, which provides an improved security method for their payment and document solutions. Off-line check signing gives companies that require that added safety protocol the flexibility to still have the added efficiency of automated check and document signing.

Some Great Offline Check Signing Products

There are many types of check signing software available on the market today. Unfortunately, not all of the different programs are created equally. Some software can offer the ability to approve checks and payments instantly or some check signers can sign 200 checks per minute. There are some superior companies to work with, and each check signing software will boast its own set of features. Here is a list of some of the best software that is off-line as well as some of their features.

WycomWyPayments Check Signer

WycomWyPayments Check Signer utilizes the software and printing tools you have while offering a safe and secure check and document signing solution. With its easy to use software and user-friendly interface that will easily work with your already existing accounting system, you will find that this check signing software is easy to use and secure.

  • Offers both online and off-line check signing
  • Web based log in
  • User and administrative levels of access
  • Added security features such as:
    • forgery-resistant graphic amounts
    • graphical signature backgrounds
    • custom graphics for dollar prefixes and amounts
    • dollar amount limits
    • optional signature suppression for specified dollar amounts
    • allows check and payment approval from anywhere in the world
  • Advanced tracking and archiving
    • Offers check log with the date, number, and payee for added security and auditing

With all of these features, it is easy to see why you should choose a Wycom electronic check signer for your office today.

ezSigner Direct

With the ezSigner Direct check signing software, you are provided all of the programing you need to turn your compatible HP laser printer or ink jet printer into a check signer. With this program, you will be able to apply signatures and security graphics digitally to any checks or documents.

    • Has the ability to apply signatures when printing and after
    • Utilizes password protection for added security
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Audit logs
    • Overlay editor for off-line check printing
    • Optional date and time stamp to accompany the signature

Widmer S3 Check Signer

The Widmer S3 Check Signer is a standard check signing machine. This device is a secure check signing solution.

    • Offers controlled access to signature plates and operation of the device by secure dual lock system
    • Automatic check signing
    • Basic off-line check signer
    • Single sheet signer

Working with PBS Office for the best Off-line Check Signing Solution for Your Company

          Here at PBS Office, we have highly trained and knowledgeable staff. Our team knows about the latest payment solution devices and software so that we can help you make the best decision possible for your business and its needs. We can help you compare the different off-line check signing software with each other as well as go over the individual features for the variety of products that we carry. PBS Office is dedicated to ensuring that our clients get the best equipment and software that they need for their company. If you have any questions or unsure of which check signing device might be best for you, please contact us via phone or our easy chat in feature, today.