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Weight Based Counting

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Tellermate Weight Based Cash Counting Machines


Our prospective clients sometimes ask, "Why Tellermate use weight for cash counting systems?" The answer is simple: weight based counting is a fast, simple, and highly accurate method of counting. Tellermate solutions are low-maintenance, lightweight and portable with a small footprint, quiet operation and have no moving parts. This provides an ideal cash counting solution for an office, front of house or retail environment. Here are the top advantages of weight based cash counting:


Weight based cash counting is far more accurate than counting cash by hand. It eliminates human errors and creates and audit trail that can be checked in the event that a cashier does make a mistake. Tellermate cash counting machines are designed to 'learn' about their environment, so they are not easily disrupted by taped or dirty bills that can cause jams in some mechanical counting equipment.


A Tellermate cash counting machine can count a full cash drawer in under a minute, verifying down to the last coin. In addition to this, options such as printers or connected solutions can generate and record a full count report by denomination at the press of a button, eliminating the need to copy or type information.


Tellermate cash counting machines have been specifically designed to fit your organization and procedures. Tellermate realizes that the costs associated with changing procedures is high, so our equipment is as simple, flexible and intuitive as possible in order to minimize these costs. There are a range of ways to customize your Tellermate solution, from solution specific software, accessories and peripherals and flexible manual settings.


We understand that cash management equipment failures and inaccuracies cost time and money to fix. Our cash counting machines are tested to extremely high standards, but our first priority in the event of a failure is to minimize your downtime. As there are no moving parts, over 80% of reported faults can be fixed immediately over the telephone.


Tellermate cash counting machines have no parts to jam and only require minimal cleaning. Tellermate products are very reliable and most technical issues are quickly resolved over the phone. However is required, the unit can be easily returned to us for repair without the need for costly or inconvenient service technician visits. The support program for our cash counting machines is completely comprehensive and covers training, recalibration, next working day replacement equipment in the case of failure, currency changes and even limited accidental damage coverage.

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