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Ways to Keep your Finances in Order at the Office

Progressive Business Systems, Inc. is based in Georgia and specializes in office products and services. From Semacon currency counters to check signers, we feature a vast selection of items designed to increase office productivity. Since 1989, we have serviced the financial and general business sectors with timely and cost-effective services. As always, our goal is to meet our customer’s sales and service needs with high-quality products and solutions. One phone call or visit to our site connects you with the following business products that can truly streamline processes and increase revenue:

  • * Banking EquipmentSemacon Currency Counter

  • * Cash Handling

  • * Check Endorsers

  • * Check Signers

  • * Check Writing

  • * Forms Handling

  • * Laser Check Printing

  • * Office Supplies

  • * Paper Shredders

  • * Promotional Products

  • * Support

  • * Special Sales

At PBS Office, we optimize today’s office operations to ensure streamlined and centralized environments. With digital units, equipment and accessories – our products are designed to easily correlate with your existing business processing systems and protocols.

Semacon Currency Counters

Progressive Business Systems, Inc. features Semacon Currency Counters for all types of businesses and industries. In fact, we have provided currency counting solutions for financial institutions and other markets since 1988. With currency counters, you are able to keep all your finances on track – and in order – at your office. Here are some of the benefits associated with Semacon currency counters for your new or existing commercial enterprise:

  • * Currency counters truly eliminate the time-consuming and tedious tasks of manually handling currencies.

  • * Customers have many units to select from – basic economical currency counters to advanced machines.

  • * Units are designed with the latest in counterfeit currency detection tools.

  • * PBS Office features a knowledgeable and dedicated staff ready to help you pick the right unit today.

More Benefits of Currency Counters for Business

With currency machines and coin counters, you can truly increase your staff’s productivity and performance. In fact, no longer does your staff have to spend countless hours counting paper money and coins. Semacon is an industry-leading currency counting brand, and PBS Office is proud to feature a wide array of their products and services for your convenience. Additional benefits include but are not limited to:

  • * Our currency counters can easily be integrated with your existing counting processes.

  • * Various currency counter models can count up to 1600 notes per minute.

  • * All currency counter units feature reliable feed mechanisms – designed to handle currencies in any condition.

  • * Easily feed in old notes, new notes, tattered bills, and even coins on scales to count your business earnings and revenue.

Counterfeit Detection Features

In this day and age, it is important to protect your business and its assets across the board. In fact, counterfeit money and scams are all over the place – and have impacted many businesses and industries across the globe. With this in mind, PBS Office is committed to your protection and security with currency counters that are fitted with counterfeit detection features. These units will immediately alert you when a suspected bill or coin is encountered. We also feature stand-alone currency authenticators for applications that are designed to check currencies for authenticity!

Our superior currency counters start at $289.00. We offer toll-free installation support and a full one year warranty on all of our currency counters. We want your currency counter purchase to be the start of a long-lasting relationship. Our goal is to provide you a comprehensive solution to all of your currency counting equipment needs! We also feature currency scales that can count currency and coins.

However, these are actual scales and not currency counters per say. For more information on purchasing currency counters and units for your business, simply visit our website link below. PBS Office remains committed to excellence in all business processing services. We also continue to receive stellar industry ratings and client-customer reviews and testimonials from across the World.