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Three Industries that Need a Currency Counter

Progressive Business Systems, Inc. is your source for the best in Semacon currency counters. We also specialize in a full line of products and services for the office. This includes check signers, along with cash handling units and machines. Since 1989, we have serviced the commercial – business sectors with the best in coin counters and accessories.

As always, our goal is to continue to meet your daily business needs across the board. With high-quality, tested products and solutions – we are committed to helping your companies streamline currency counting processes. We are equally committed to helping your businesses grow and expand with the latest in reliable office products and services.

Semacon Currency CounterHere are some of the many products and services we feature for your convenience:

  • * Banking Equipment

  • * Cash Handling

  • * Check Endorsers

  • * Check Signers

  • * Check Writing

  • * Forms Handling

  • * Laser Check Printing

  • * Office Supplies

  • * Paper Shredders

  • * Promotional Products

  • * Support

  • * Special Sales

At PBS Office, we truly optimize today’s business operations to secure streamlined and centralized protocols. With the latest in digital business products, equipment and accessories – our items are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing business processing and cash counting systems.

The Many Benefits of Semacon Currency Counters

As an industry leader in business supplies and machines, we are proud to feature the latest in Semacon currency counters. These units help keep all your finances on track and in proper order. In fact, they are designed to count money – whether in loose stacks of notes or coins. Similarly, our currency scales can also count currency and coins –but are not considered counters. No matter your industry, sector or niche – these machines are guaranteed to meet all your daily currency counting needs across the board. Here are some more benefits of purchasing Semacon counters for your new or existing commercial brand:

  • * Semacon currency counters eliminate the time-consuming and tedious tasks of manually counting currencies (notes and coins).

  • * Semacon features many units to select from – basic economy currency counters to advanced units.

  • * All machines are designed with the latest in counterfeit currency detection features.

  • * PBS Office is always here to answer any product or service-related questions and concerns. We truly have a highly-dedicated and knowledgeable staff that is committed to excellence in all services.

Why Purchase Semacon Currency Counters?

With Semacon coin counters and currency machines, you will increase staff productivity and performance. In fact, no longer will your employees have to worry about manually counting incoming our outgoing currencies. As a global leader in currency counters, Semacon continues to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews. Here are some more benefits of purchasing one or multiple Semacon units from us:

  • * Semacon currency counters can easily be integrated with your existing business processes and protocols.

  • * Currency counter units can count up to 1600 notes per minute.

  • * All currency counters are fitted with reliable feed mechanisms, which are designed to handle and count monies in any condition.

  • * You can easily feed in old notes, new notes, tattered notes, and even coins to monitor and count your daily –weekly- monthly revenue and earnings.

Industries and Counterfeit Detection Tools

Here are some of the industries that can benefit from using Semacon currency counters daily:

  • * Retail and wholesale

  • * Hospitality and Lodging

  • * Supermarkets and Thrift Stores

These industries deal with cash and coins on a daily basis. With this in mind, they can expedite productivity by simply letting Semacon units count currencies and coins with true accuracy and precision. As mentioned earlier, each machine is designed with the latest in counterfeit detection tools and technologies. This helps protect your business – and its assets – across the board. With counterfeit money and scams soaring across the world, so many global businesses have lost scores of revenue due to unscrupulous individuals and/or companies.

With this in mind, PBS Office is committed to your protection and security with currency counters that are fitted with counterfeit detection features. These units will immediately alert you when a suspected bill or coin is encountered. We also feature stand-alone currency authenticators for applications that are designed to check currencies for authenticity!