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User’s Guide to Tellermate TY

User’s Guide to Tellermate TY

Tellermate TY This user guide is for all TY retail models: 100 - 350 and all TY banking models.

Tellermate TY is the leading cash management solution for your business, enabling you to appropriately and efficiently count your cash in the many formats that you use.

Stand-alone or connected directly to business reporting systems, the TY increases the efficiency, security, and accuracy of a wide range of cash management tasks.

The TY counts notes and coins, such as those contained in a standard cash drawer. The TY incorporates a clear user display and menu-driven control buttons.

TY comes with optional connections to printer and PC systems and accessories. This document provides instructions on getting started with your TY and a more detailed reference on configuring the design to suit your preferences.

Please be aware that since there is a range of TY models, not all features illustrated in this document may be present in the model that you are using.

Tasks Your TY software may come with Pre-programmed tasks to help you process your money.
  1. To select a task, press the blue key.
  2. To accept the job, press the green enter key. (Please note that not all models will have Pre-programmed tasks and that task names are country-specific. Task will differ depending on whether your model is for retail or banking.


  1. Set the Tellermate TY on a flat, stable surface free from vibration and drafts (such as air conditioning).
  2. Use only the power adaptor supplied at the specified supply voltage. Do not use any other power adaptor.
  3. Do not use a damaged or wet power adaptor.
  4. Do not connect the power adaptor with wet hands.
  5. Do not place this product on an unstable cart, stand, or table. The product may fall, causing damage to the product or injury to the user.
  6. Do not subject the equipment to a strong impact or shock load by hitting or dropping it. Ensure that money is placed onto the equipment with reasonable care.
  7. Do not install or use the equipment in a manner that will apply force to the cables.
  8. Do not spill any liquid or spray any chemicals over the equipment. If any liquid is spilled on it, disconnect the power cable from the supply and contact your dealer.
  9. Do not leave any objects on the TY or plate when not in use.
  10. Do not disassemble. There are no parts inside that require servicing.
Tellermate TY in use

Getting started

Content specification is key in ensuring you do not damage the machine.
  • Insert the hold firmly into the TY until you feel light resistance.
  • Insert one end of the TY power supply into the back of the Tellermate and the other end into the main plug socket

A green light indicates -The TY is on, and the battery is charged if fitted.

A red light shows- The TY is on, and the battery is charging.

Money wraps WRAP

This is a term used by Tellermate to describe how money is packaged. Notes Wrap type options will differ according to the TY model.

Loose notes

For counting your open notes and banded/ strapped notes of the selected denomination. Loose notes are calculated by placing 15-25 notes onto the hod at any one time. This stacking process is repeated until all the notes have been counted.

Clipped Notes

For counting notes of the selected denomination that are cut together in a fixed quantity. A typical clip quantity is ten notes.

Sleeved Notes

For counting notes of the selected denomination packaged in a sleeve in a fixed quantity. A typical sleeve quantity is 100 notes

The coin set up is as follows:
  • Bagged/rolled coins - for counting coins of the selected denomination that are in full or partly full bags/rolls on the TY.
  • Full bag/roll - for checking full standard bags/ rolls of ANY denomination, on the TY.
  • A scoop of coins - for counting loose coins, of the selected denomination, on the TY.
  • A cup of coins - for measuring loose coins from a cash drawer, of the selected denomination, on the TY.
For more information please contact our PBS website.

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