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Tellermate Coin and Currency Scales – A Trusted Name in the Industry

When it comes to cash handling, something every business needs is accuracy and speed. You now have the opportunity to add new technologies to your business that can help you remove human error, add extra security, and the bonus of automatic speed. Read more to learn about the fantastic features that Tellermate offers with their variety of coin and currency scales that are available on the market today. 

Weight-Based Money Calculations

Determining the value of a set of money by weight can be both speedy and error-free. Coin and currency counters can determine the number of coins or notes placed on their scale platform. Each scale is programmed with the exact weights of each type of bill or coin of which it can detect the value. When you place a stack of particular denominations notes or coins, the money scale can then determine the value of the bundle of cash by dividing the total weight by the notes prescribed weight. After the machine has accurately identified the number of bills or coins, it will multiply that number by the denomination's cash value. This will correctly calculate the amount of money that has been placed for the unit to total. 

The removal of the human component

AI and automation are getting a bad rap in today's society; however, from a strictly business standpoint, there are many reasons your business could benefit from a currency scale. Here is a list of some of the ways not having a person handle your cash counting can be beneficial.

  • Accuracy
    • Unfortunately, part of being human is to make mistakes occasionally. No matter how careful we are, it is inevitable that we will eventually miscount or miscalculate something. Whether it is as a result of being overly tired or just in a hurry, numbers do get mixed up or transposed. Mistakes can cost you money. Some mistakes can cause financial errors, while others can cost you more time while a stack of cash is recounted several times. In the long run, time spent recounting equals money wasted.
    • Security
      • Having electronic money scales can deter any employees from purposefully miscounting money, allowing them the opportunity to steal. Some of the most significant theft issues a company faces are from its employees. This is one additional security measure that can help prevent a loss of funds.
      • Time
        • Even the fastest and most accurate cash handler will not be able to calculate the value of loose bills, loose change, banded notes, or rolled coins at the speed of a cash scale. If you have this process automated, it frees up the time that employee would have been performing that menial task and allows them to focus on other duties such as customer service or closing procedures.

The Tellermate Name

Tellermate has a variety of coin and currency scales available on today's market. They are one of the leading names in the cash handling industry. Some of their money scale devices have cutting edge technologies. Some of the features their brand has to offer are listed below.

  • The fastest calculations
    • Specialized technology reduces vibrations for more rapid calculating
  • Increased Capacity
    • Some of the newer models boast a larger bill and coin platform for an increased volume capacity.
  • Customization
    • Due to the variety of technologies available under the Tellermate brand, any business can find a custom combination of what they will need for their company.
  • Easy to learn how to use
    • With user-friendly interfaces, Tellermate devices are easy to learn how to use. Most units have simple to read displays with available instructions.
  • Portability
    • Tellermate is continuously working on making their cash handling devices more portable without compromising their accuracy or speed.
  • Durability
    • Tellermate understands that these devices are a long-term investment and that they need to be worth their costs over their lifetime. With updateable technologies and high-quality materials, these units are made to withstand regular use.

PBS Office and Your Companies Cash Handling Needs

Here at PBS Office, we offer a wide variety of cash handling products. Some of the best cash scale devices that we have in stock are Tellermate brand. If you are determining which of the current models would be best for you and your business's needs, you have come to the right place. Our team of experts can discuss the features of each currency and coin scales that we have. We will gladly go over what functions you need from your cash handling device and then advise you as to which unit might best fit your requirements. If at any point you do not understand something or want more information on an item you have seen, please utilize our chat feature, and we will be with you and your concern as soon as possible.