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Tellermate Cash Counting Machines - Extremely Safe and Reliable

When looking for a cash handling solution, there is no name better known than Tellermate as a safe and reliable option. They are one of the leading companies in the cash management industry. Their products can be found throughout many different types of businesses and in all sizes of companies from small local shops to fortune 500 corporations. Tellermate has offices worldwide to offer award-winning support for their money managing products. They strive to enhance every customer's profitability by providing them with the most secure and innovative cash handling solutions available on the market today. By creating safe data transfer, printable options, and the ability to work with more than one currency in multiple languages, Tellermate has a cash counting machine that will work for your company's money management needs.

Three Impressive Components of Tellermate

As stated above, Tellermate is an amazing and innovate company in the money handling industry. With their drive to help every customer grow their businesses, it is not hard to see why they would be a name you could trust. They offer remarkable options that make their cash counting machines the absolute top of the line. Here are just a few of those outstanding features.

1.) Data Transfer via Wi-Fi, USB, or Ethernet

One of the primary reasons people turn to a currency scale to help them count and manage their money is for the added efficiency. These devices can free up time by expediating the counting process as well as by adding accuracy. One of the ways some of the Tellermate products can optimize your payroll hours is by offering data transfer options. This will allow numbers and information to be transferred from the money scale, directly to your computer. This will enable you to ensure that no values are miss-typed or transposed accidentally. Having the transfer option available can help make the bookkeeping and the paperwork portion of cash handling much more manageable. To help make things even more convenient, Tellermate has made this transfer option even more customizable by allowing secure data transfer through Wi-Fi, USB cable, or through Ethernet. By adding these selections, it will enable you to choose the data transfer method that is right for you and your companies security preferences.

2.) Print via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

Another way that Tellermate is helping its customers streamline their money management processes is by adding a direct print option to some of their currency scales. This feature allows you to prepare deposits more quickly, reconcile cash drawers with printed verification, and promptly print information for accurate record keeping. Like many of the innovative options made available to all of the Tellermate clients, this component offers you the ability to print via a Wi-Fi capable printer, or by Bluetooth connection. This allows the information to be printed on any compatible printer for your added convenience.

3.) Multiple Currencies and Languages

Because Tellermate is a worldwide company, and they realize that many of their customers own companies that also work with international clients, they have added the capacity for their cash counting machines to work with multiple currencies. This means that with the touch of a button, you can switch your money scale from US bills to Euros or other notes. They have also recognized that due to the diversity of the corporations and people who will be utilizing their tools, the need for the interface to be accessible in multiple languages. With a few user-friendly adjustments, your coin and currency scale will be customizable to a language and currency that fits your needs at the moment, with the option to be adjusted to meet your requirements if they change.

The Need for Money Management

PBS Office and Your Tellermate Money Counting MachineYou might be wondering if investing in cash handling devices during our age of technology is even worth it. Though electronic payment methods are on the rise, there is still evidence that consumers are continuing to use cash when they make many of their day to day transactions. Over half of the US customers typically use physical money for any purchase less than $10. Despite the option to utilize a quicker payment method, such as mobile pay, people often still like the tangibility of cash. Regardless of your business, if it is one where you are taking physical payments from customers, having Tellermate cash handling products for your company, will help you become more profitable by improving your efficiency today.

PBS Office and Your Tellermate Money Counting Machine

Here at PBS Office, we carry a variety of different Tellermate cash handling solutions. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can assist you in determining which of the currency scales might best meet the needs of your company. We can go over each feature and ensure that the new device will be compatible with your current equipment and systems. Contact us today to purchase your Tellermate scale and start having a more productive and efficient money management solution in place for your cooperation.