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Still using envelopes? Consider a folder inserter solution!

A folder inserter can help to automate your office. There is always an increasing number of tasks in a typical office. The more mailing and marketing increase in any business, the more an office can benefit from automated solutions. There are mail solutions that can help with routine folding, paper inserting, and other mailing preparations. There are desktop models that help with envelope stuffing that can offer your business immediate cost savings.

What is a folder inserter paper solution?

This is a folding machine that will help to automate some typical office or mail room tasks. Some of the functions that can be automated are letter folding, envelope stuffing, envelope sealing, and postage metering. Listed below are a few facts about the majority of paper folding and inserting solutions available on today's market.try using a paper folder to save time

ü  Letter folders can typically be adjusted easily to create different folds. You would be able to select the correct fold setting using the devices control panel. After you have chosen to start the process, it should continue completely automated.

  • Single
  • Letter
  • Z-fold
  • Gate
  • Fold-out
  • Double-parallel

ü  Some paper solution devices can assemble over 1000 pieces (and sometimes many more) of mail in less than an hour.

ü  These devices produce a neat and professional look for every part of your mail while you can devote the time you would have been working on these menial tasks to some other more critical items.

The Products

Formax paper handling has a wide variety of office solutions for your business. Also, Secap paper solutions have a range of units designed to help with smaller office jobs as well as higher volumes of paper tasks. Here are a few of the products they have to offer and some of the features that make them excellent options for you.

  • Formax 6104 Folder Inserter
    • Leading technology in tabletop inserters
    • Affordability
    • 5-inch full-color control panel with touchscreen features
    • Can save up to 15 jobs to use for future tasks
    • Two automatic sheet feeders and one automatic insert feeder
    • Documents of up to 14 inches in length can be processed.
    • Tri-fold kit available for this unit making brochures and marketing pieces easy
    • Moistener kit available for sealing envelopes
    • Formax 6204 Folder Inserter – Basic 1
      • Leading technology in the larger paper solution machines
      • Full-color touch screen features
      • Ability to have up to 15 tasks saved
      • One automatic sheet feeder
      • The folding system can fold up to 5 pages at one time.
      • SECAP SI3300
        • Easily folds, inserts and seals mail quickly
        • As easy to use as placing the paper in the machine and selecting which processes you want to complete.
        • Can program up to 20 repeated tasks
        • No training required
        • Easily Fold and Insert many different items
          • Invoices
          • Checks
          • Statements
          • Order Forms
          • Price Lists
          • Newsletters
          • Reply Cards
          • Return Envelopesbenefits of a folder inserter
          • Letters
          • Flyers
  • Two feeders fold and insert
  • One feeder for insert only
  • Can be used on multiple paperweights, paper sizes, envelope types, and envelope sizes.
  • Can process up to 3,000 pieces of mail per hour
  • SECAP SI5400 Folder Inserter
    • The most advanced features and capabilities within the Secap tabletop inserter line
    • Can program 24 different jobs
    • Four interchangeable feeders
    • Each feeder can hold up to 1,000 sheets
    • Can process up to 5,400 pieces of mail per hour
    • Can fold eight sheets at a time
    • Allows different sheets, sizes, paperweights, envelopes, and more
    • Can seal up to 8,000 envelopes without needing to reload.

There are many different models; this is just a snapshot of two of our more popular units. This is only some of the features of each device. You can contact PBS Office to learn more about these items and others that we have in stock.

PBS Office and Your Paper Handling Solutions

Do not let your business waste time and finances by manually folding and inserting any of your paper documents. By automating your mailings with one of our paper handling solutions, you can increase your company's overall efficiency. Let our specialized team here at PBS Office help you to choose the right paper folder and inserter for your office. We can test your paper products such as your envelopes and documents at no additional cost for you. We are here to reassure you that you are getting a useful tool. Contact us today to discuss getting your samples provided to you. We can explain each model with you and the benefits that each unit could bring to your company as well as go over some of our other items such as our paper shredders if you were interested. Contact us to discuss which paper handling solutions that we offer that could benefit you today.