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Letter Folding Machine

When considering automating your billing process, payment sending methods, and mass advertisement solutions, there is nothing quite like a paper folder and inserter for the job. Knowing what this letter folding machine is and the benefits of having one in your office are just the first steps to making you paper handling process more efficient. There are loading options, folding choices, and sealing selections. The paper's weight, catching and feeding trays, multiple brands, and countless retailers from which to choose. The decisions seem limitless. Keep reading this article to learn the basics of folders and inserters.

A Letter Folding Machine

A paper folder is a machine that is made to fold papers. Most lower quality machines can make c-folds in standard letter-sized paper. Higher-end devices can usually do more complicated folds, with varied paper sizes and paper thicknesses, also known as the paper's weight.In any office, mailroom, or professional setting where there is a high amount of paper handling, a letter folder could be found to be very helpful. Not only will this save the company time by surpassing the speed at which any employee could process the same number of documents; but It will also provide a level of uniformity that expresses an exceptional level of professionalism.Some paper folders also have the capability of putting that newly folded letter, bill, check, or advertisement into an envelope. Some inserters seal the envelopes as well as track the number of letters and envelopes that have been processed.For any corporation or entity that handles mailing campaigns, having a letter folding machine with an included envelope stuffer or inserter can be an absolute competitive edge!

Folder Inserters: Why You Need One!

There are several reasons to think about purchasing a paper folder inserter. Hand folding paper can take time that you cannot afford to waste. It is not only tedious, but it can cause painful blisters or papercuts.

  1. The number of sheets folded and inserted per hour will increase.
  • Some paper-folding machines can fold and stuff many more than 4,000 units per hour.
  • Saving time for more critical tasks.
  • Utilize that saved payroll time to accomplish tasks that you have been putting on your company's to-do list.
  • Lower physical repetitive requirements.
  • Paper folding can be a monotonous task that can lead to physical problems such as carpal tunnel.
  • By reducing employee hours used, that payroll can equal money saved.
  • Accuracy of folds.
  • This type of machine will likely increase the number of folds your office can use as well as ensure that every fold is the same.

Beyond just saving you a significant amount of time and money, these devices are typically user-friendly. That means that the folder inserter that you choose will likely be easy to use and operate.

Considerations Before You Buy an Envelope Stuffer

Commercial Paper Folding Machine

When you are thinking about buying a letter folder inserter for your business, there are some concerns that you will want to consider.


  • There are many different folding styles. Knowing which style meets the level of professionalism you are looking for is essential. Most people use the following folds:
  • V fold (single fold)
  • C fold (double fold on itself)
  • Z fold (double fold accordion)


  • Think about the amount of paper you will be processing using this machine. Letter folding devices all have their limitations. You will need to ensure that the folder inserter that you buy will be able to handle the volume of paper you need it too.

Frequency of Use

  • Another consideration is how often you will need to use the device. Even if a machine can stand a higher volume at one time, does not mean that it will handle being used for thousands of mailers each day.
  • If you are standardly doing a mail advertisement campaign once every three months, you could utilize a unit that can do smaller less frequent runs. If your business sends hundreds or thousands of billings out every day or even week, you may want to consider a higher volume machine made for commercial use.

Types of weight of Paper

Paper Folder and Envelop Stuffer
    • When selecting a paper-folding device, it will be crucial to remember what types of paper you will be using.
    • Paper with a higher pound may need special folding.
    • Glossy style paper may need unique folding to ensure the ink is not smudged.

Paper Handling Solutions and More at PBS Office

Here at PBS Office, we offer a wide variety of paper-handling devices. You can find trusted brand names like Formax and SECAP on our website.Please feel free to call us or use our handy chat feature in the bottom right corner on our page. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff would be happy to discuss the different paper folding machines and paper folder inserters that we offer. Let us help you choose a paper handling solution today!