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Protect Customer Confidentiality with an Industrial Shredder

Running a business of any kind has always been complicated but today there is a lot more to think about. The digital world is not secure by any means and we need to do our best to keep on top of it for the sake of ourselves and for the security of our customers. While digital security is definitely a concern, we also have instances where physical paperwork is still stolen, and this can be a disaster for any company. Whether they are taken by employees or liberated from the trash outside by opportunists, the threat is the same and it is something that absolutely needs to be stopped. For this reason, we cannot recommend Destroyit Shredders enough. 

Use DestroyIt Paper Shredders to Defend your Customer’s Privacy 

Your customers trust you – there just isn’t a better way to put it. They hand you confidential information and they expect you to make sure that it is protected. This is much the same with any other company, for example, do you remember the Sony hack of 2014? Do you remember that Ashley Madison hack? Both of these were huge companies that had the complete trust of their customers, and it was a series of mistakes that led to the breaking of that trust. You do not want to be the company that makes those kinds of mistakes, which is why we say the most important thing that you can do is learn from the errors that others make and use them to create better practices and policies. When you are concerning yourself over a physical security risk, all you need to do is get a paper shredder

DestroyIt Shredders are the Key 

DestroyIt ShreddersIncorporating shredders into your business is an outstanding idea that will give you greater security for many years to come but it needs to be done correctly. The primary thing to be remembered here is that you have a lot of things to shred and a typical consumer grade shredder just isn’t going to do the job. Instead, you should consider DestroyIt paper shredders; an outstanding piece of equipment in our inventory that not only gets the job done but does so without overheating. Consumer models will run for a very short time before needing to take a break but are more durable models have double protection against overheating.
Along with being able to run for extended periods of time, our shredders boast state of the art safety features and an auto start that will keep the action going for hours at a time. You will also find that these shredders do much more than just paper! As a matter of fact, they are able to shred CD’s, DVD’s, and other media with just as much efficiency as any piece of paper. 

A Better Solution 

While the price tag of DestroyIt business shredders is considerably higher than you would find with residential models, you will find that the benefits are undeniable. They will save you more money in the long run, both in case of a breach and in terms of the time spent destroying documents. Secondly, they are safer, and you can easily cut down on the number of accidents typically associated with shredders.
Today, security is at the forefront of nearly everyone’s mind, and with good reason. The biggest problem tends to be the number of breaches and hacks that we’re seeing across all industries. Facebook, for example, is facing a congressional inquiry for that exact reason. If even the greatest of giants can fall, you can be sure that your company will be next in line. That being said, make sure that you are ready to defend yourself, and of course, make sure that you’re taking preventative measures. Shredding the physical evidence is the best first step.